Wednesday, March 31, 2004

Song quote of the day
So we cheated and we lied and we tested,
And we never failed to fail, it was the easiest thing to do.
We will survive being bested
Someone strong comes along
makes me forget about loving you
And the Southern Cross.-CSN

Andy Barch: The exclusive NFL Draft interview
Below is a transcript of my March 25 interview with Charleston Alley Dogs broadcaster and media relations director Andy Barch. I am going to post it question by question, leading up to the draft next month. Today's section deals with the first pick in the draft.
VZ=Vitamin Z
AB=Andy Barch

VZ: We are pleased, to have here inside the pharmacy, the new voice of the single A affiliate for the Toronto Blue Jays, Mr. Andy Barch. Andy, how are you doing tonight?

AB: Very well Zach, it's a pleasure to be here ... I appreciate it.

VZ: We're going to talk about something that I think you know more about than anybody, let's talk about the NFL draft. It seems to me there is not a standout pick for number one. Would you agree with that?

AB: I don't think there's a standout pick but I only say that because the team that's picking number one is the San Diego Chargers, and they could in a wide variety of directions with that pick. If I'm Marty Schottenheimer sitting in the catbird seat there in San Diego, my first pick would be one of two guys, and it would not be a quarterback because of the way his offensive system works. I don't think he needs to pick a quarterback because that particular system uses a conservative approach; a ball control attack, which requires a formative running back and winning the war in the trenches. In that regard I wouldn't be taking a quarterback, I'd go with Robert Gallery, who really seems to be flying up the charts, and if Robert Gallery is not the way they decide to go, this is a secondary that ranked dead last in touchdowns surrendered. They gave up 36 touchdown passes last season. If you bring in a guy like Sean Taylor, that could certainly turn things around in that secondary.

I was going to say something but ...
Thank god Danny O'Brien is back blogging. I was about to call Robert Stack.

Robert Stack has, of course, passed on. Just so my sarcastic buddies don't call later on just to tell me.

More workplace chatter:

Zach: I think someone more liberal than me should answer this ...

Dan: Ronald Reagan is more liberal than you.

Zach: Well I ...

Dan: Pat Buchanan is more liberal than you!

Ouch. The Reagan thing ... well, I am down with it. But Pat Buchanan? I'm not THAT far to the right? Am I?

Tuesday, March 30, 2004

Where there's a Will
I haven't made a whole lot of time for politics lately, but I was extremely interested in George Will's column, which can be found here.
Will is both conservative and realistic, articulate and blunt, and funny and grave. He's been one of my favorite writer's since my dad brought home "Bunts" from the bookstore. While I enjoy his regular columns, it is his interest in baseball that first got me interested in his writings, and hope he continues to bring up the national pastime soon.
My disclaimer will always be that I don't agree with EVERYTHING he writes, but then again, I don't always agree with myself, so I guess agreeing with everything would be near impossible for a human to acheive.
Some of my article on Rep. Mike Oxley's visit to Kenton is up at the Times website. I have to admit, I felt hopeful afterwards, even if some of his economic statements seemed overly optimistic.

Signing up
It's time for me to take some liberty and say the following: Please let John F. Kennedy Jr. and his wife rest. Everyone who knows me knows that I am not a big fan of the Kennedy's politics, but they don't deserve this type of aggrivation, no one does. I feel like the media is making this an issue for some reason, unbeknownst to me. I really feel sorry for the family. They ought to be left alone, they deserve it.
These people are gone. Let's just let them be.

The 30th of March
I have a few things to do so I'll be brief.
April is coming, and I feel as though everything will be ok as soon as the tab is done. But till then, I'll take it on the run.

Monday, March 29, 2004

Roger Brown
I don't always agree with him, but I have to read him. Why? Because Roger Brown makes me think. He sometimes frustrates me with his "we" and "this corner" and "word is," but I always make sure to read his column, just because it is the most interesting. The word is that this Corner likes Roger Brown, and we suggest you check out his latest installment here

Mr. Oxley comes to Kenton

Ohio Congressman Michael Oxley visited the Kenton Rotary Club, and I was assigned the story. Now, Mr. Oxley is a conservative Republican, and basically talked about his trip to Iraq and progress in both war and the economy. I was glued to his words, since I wanted to get his perspective. I took pretty decent notes, but won't post them here until after my story has run in the Times.
I caught up with him afterwards and introduced myself, but we mainly talked about football. Shocker, I know.

Sunday, March 28, 2004

Fried Chicken
I have been lucky enough in my life to meet some wonderful people with different perspectives on life. It's from those perspectives that have led to the development of certain things, including this blog. When I started the page 27 days ago, I was simply looking for a way to vent.
I had no idea that this blog would be so much fun to do, or that it would allow me to connect with friends, teachers and family. I had no idea it would be the vehicle for some of my best moments, and some of the best things I have heard in a while.
This is good, this is very very good.
But I want to keep the blog as a vehicle for creativity as well. I want to do interviews to hone my journalism skills, and commentaries to help my columns.
One month later, and I am just scratching the surface.
That is why I like this, it's all in the possiblities.

Back in Kenton
After a relaxing and much needed break in my beloved home town, I am back in Kenton today. I feel like I am going to have a bit more energy this week, and think I will need it.
The Indians made another non-sensical deal today, trading Ricky Gutierrez to the Mets for a player to be named. If you're like me you're beginning to wonder if they even WANT to win games anymore. I also don't know where this newfound "loyalty" to certain players is used as reasoning for deals. I am not a John Macdonald-hater or anything, but why do the Indians keep treating this guy like the second coming of Roy Macmillan, when he is more likely the poor man's Felix Fermin.
And before you bring up the money, you should recognize that the Indians are paying a large portion of Ricky's salary, NOT to play for the team.
But I'm sure Lou Merloni will be an all star.
Shapiro and Wedge are on the same page of the same book, but that book appears to be a novel written by William Shakespeare, which almost never has a happy ending.

Saturday, March 27, 2004

Song quote of the day
Little things I could have said and done,
Girl I'm sorry I was blind
But you were always on my mind
You were always on my mind-Willie Nelson

Sitting in the suburbs
After nine weeks away, I returned my home in Cleveland. It feels good to be back.
I may not post as much in the coming week, with a spring sports tab on the horizon, but then again, every time I say that I end up posting as much, if not more than ever. Baseball season starts on Monday, which gets me pretty excited.
Baseball is as much about optimism as anything else, and we all need a little optimism right now.

Friday, March 26, 2004

Song quote of the day
Cleveland city of light, city of magic,
Cleveland city of light you're callin' me
Cleveland even now I can remember,
Oh the Cuyahoga River goes smokin' through my dreams
Burn on big river,
Burn on
Burn on big river
Burn on.-Randy Newman

Thursday, March 25, 2004

Vitamin Z interviews AB
Speaking of Andy, he was nice enough to grant me an interview about the NFL draft. I think I will try to have it all on the site by next week, as Andy is as informed as they come on the topic. I was hoping to polish my interview skills, and getting a A announcer on my site is pretty cool, I think. Look for the full interview next week, as I am going to try to post one interview a week as part of a new unnamed feature.
See, fun and informative!

Andy Barch has landed a job as a director of media relations and announcer for the Blue Jays single A affiliate. Andy is a great announcer, and I'm sure the people in West Virginia will find that out very soon. Andy's a great friend of the vitamin, and I am thrilled for him. I'm sure he will bring a new form of ruthless aggression to the Mountain Mama state.

Song Quote of the Day:
I learned a lot of lessons awful quick and now I'm telling you
They were not the nice kind
and it's been so long since I have felt fine
That's the reason that I gotta get out of here
Don't you know I just gotta get out of here
Cause New York's not my home-Jim Croce

Dean Endorses Kerry
Why do I have this in my head?:
"And then he went down to Mexico, got support from Fox, went to ...Britain, got support from Blair, France ,Kerry got support from Chirac. Then he's gonna get support from Greece, Italy, Poland, Canada, and all the world leaders will support him! YEARHHHHH!!!!"
There are a few people I wouldn't want support from right now:
"Macho Man" Howard Dean and Al Gore.
It may help the senator though, but I am pretty certain no one in the Dean camp would vote for Bush anyway.

Wednesday, March 24, 2004

Masonic Swimmers
This week, I learned that a Masonic Pool Tournament is in fact one that takes place on a pool table and not a swimming pool. I probably would have gotten through the entire thing unscathed, but made the mistake of using the term "swimmers" in my final writing. This drew my editor from his office:

Boss: Zach, when you said "swimmers" what did you mean?

Vitamin: Well I ... (bells going off in my head) oh, POOL tournament, ha, I get it!"

I figure that God has a sense of humor, because how could events like this ever be repeated without a laugh? What's funny is that I used to be known as Mr. Sarcasm, and had this been anyone else, I'd have been all over them.

Instant Karma IS gonna get you.
I have learned that I can be stupid sometimes, but I have also learned that it is best to smile through it when I am. This wasn't the first time I came accross as a complete ignoramus, and likely won't be the last.

Happy 23rd

Today is a special day for my best friend, Vivek Vasavada, who turns 23 today. It was five years ago that I emberrassed him by singing happy birthday to him right before a senior math class.
It was 10 years ago I emberassed him by telling that he was a front runner for cheering for the Braves--in front of his family.
And it was 15 years ago I emberassed him by playing Nintendo in his basement while everyone else played basketball outside.
Basically, Vivek has stood by me through good times and bad, listened to me ramble, watched in disbelief as I failed our seventh grade Mr. Tomsu math class, and basically been the best friend I could ever ask for.
He could pick up a check every once in a while but ...
To my best friend, to the greatest friend a person could have.
Happy Birthday.

Song Quote of the day
It won't be long 'fore my ship comes in
gonna sail right out of Colorado
Catch a ride on a warm trade wind and where to no one knows
She'll find me waiting when my ship comes in
going board to which ever way the wind blows.
I'll be off to find myself and where to no one knows
When my ship comes in--Clint Black

Tuesday, March 23, 2004

Sweet Dreams
There is a story to be written, but I think I may just hold off till morning. I'm watching George Harrison getting inducted into the rock and roll hall of fame. Tom Petty looks like Tom Petty. Jeff Lynne (a hero to both myself and Danny O'Brein from our musical collaboration in 1999.) looks like someone who hasn't seen a razor since Carter was in office.
Sometimes when I listen to George Harrison, I feel like I am listening to someone's soul. He never did anything he didn't feel or believe in. I wish I had that passion.
Why do they have this thing in NY again? It should be in Cleveland. Maybe the rockers arn't sure where that is.
Prince can Whail on that guitar.

Song Quote of the Day
Roundin third, and headin for home
It's a brown eyed handsome man,
Anyone can understand, the way I feel.
Put me in coach, I'm ready to play, today ...
Look at me, I can be
-John Fogerty
A song that blends two of my passions--music and sports. Gotta love it.

Conservative Razzing.
I guess support for gay marriage and a fondness for apple chips have led a few of my inner circle to start branding me a "liberal hippie."
Well, THAT'S a new one.
In response to Vivek and Nihar (who I believe are conservative in part because of their daily intake of vitamin Z for the last 16 years) I don't believe my stance on this issue makes me any more liberal. A conservative ought to believe in self determination, particularly when it is not in direct conflict with another's way of being.
Far be it from to tell anyone who to marry.
As for the apple chips, well, I like the taste, and they tend to give me a boost of energy. That doesn't make me a hippie, it makes me HEALTHY.
Besides, I am no vegetarian. You know how hard it has been to live without Outback Steakhouse?
Right. Right? You bloody well right got a bloody well right to say.

Monday, March 22, 2004

Andy Rooney and 60 minutes
I only caught the last ten minutes of 60 Minutes last night, and caught an editorial on gay marriage by Andy Rooney.
Basically, I thought his commentary to be right on the money.
I have pretty much believed that gays should have the right to civil unions, if not marriage itself. Until someone convinces me that certain people are not born homosexual, I see no reason to think otherwise.
But my main objection to President Bush's stance is his use of the phrase "protecting the sanctity of marriage." To me, the sanctity has been tarnished, if not damaged beyond repair, by heterosexual couples.
We live in a world of "Cupid," "Who wants to Marry a multi-Millionaire," and "The Batchelor." We live in a world where Brittany Spears gets married for eight minutes in Las Vegas and then gets it annulled.
Most importantly, statistics show that up to 60 percent of all marriages end in divorce.
I guess my thought process is that gays couldn't mess up the institution of marriage anymore that certain straights have. I'm not saying that couples shouldn't get divorced. I'm just saying that marriage is different today than it was 50 years ago, for better or worse, and that I don't have a problem with gays entering into it.
Just my opinion.

Sunday, March 21, 2004

This is Interesting
My brother sent me this, probably knowing that Joe Lieberman and John McCain are two of my favorite politicians. McCain and Lieberman both came off well here, and I think that "opening a dialogue" with Europeans sounds good, but I hope that it is not just a political term. We have to find a middle road between isolationism and internationalism, (not that I'd describe either candidate as one of those terms ...oh wait, I already did. Sorry Senator.) neither of which are completely effective.
I have always been a big fan of Lieberman, and McCain I spoke about a few weeks ago. McCain is probably the politician I associate my views closest with.
If I ever get into the news side of writing (not that I am itching to do so), I'd love to interview them.

See my face? I'm shocked.

There are few certainties in life that I know of:
2. Taxes
3. Any music involving any members of Poison will be awful
4. Cincinnati will lose in the second round of the NCAA Tournament.

Seriously, what does Bob Huggind say before those games that shatters Cincy's ability to play with any consistancy in the second round? Does he play them "Every Rose has its thorn,"?

Song Quote of the Day
Slave, Slave
To fight the violence we must be brave
Hold on strong to the love god gave
Slave-Elton John

Sunday Work
Well, let's see. My place needs cleaning, my clothes need cleaning, and I need to get to the YMCA. It's 2 p.m. and I haven't really done anything. I think laziness and Sunday's have become synonymous for me in Kenton, because it's the only day of the week that I have nothing to do. In addition, it is the NCAA tournament, so I have nothing to worry about in terms of boredom.
I do have to start rolling though.
Nothing has really raised my ire today, although Curt Shilling has ticked me off, talking without facts on the steroid issue.
OK, the commercial with the guy singing Shania Twain while his friends grimace is so funny. Though, why would the guys even keep the song on? I'd have switched it to classic rock in a split second.
Tom Hanks is a great actor, as I can already tell he is going to rule in his latest film, as a wily southern con artist.
Xavier wins, and Ohio stays in the picture knocking off Mississippi State. Gotta go with the state.

Saturday, March 20, 2004

Evening with the music
-I'd give up a week's salary to see Van Morrison. Unfortunately, I'm not sure Ohio is high on his touring priorities. Van is probably my third greatest musical influence, behind Lennon and Dylan. It'd be neat to see him in concert, but I doubt that will ever happen.
-Stanford got knocked out today from the NCAA tournament. My friend Dave is probably in misery, and I don't blame him. When the Indians lost in 1997, I screamed swear words for over an hour, without bothering to string them together in sentences. Maybe that's why everyone thought I was crazy in 1997.
-Yesterday's Kenton Times was Zachtacular, as it was my first layout performance. If Jan Larson could see me now, she'd say, "..." well I don't know exactly. She might start by saying Hi.
-I am itching to perform again. It has been five months since my last public performance, and I'd like to grace the stage once more. I have no idea where I'd do it, but I definitely want to get back out there and share some music with the world.
-One of the advantages of no longer being in college is the lack of finals. That means less stress for me, which is always a good thing. I really felt for my OSU friends this weekend. I never detested finals week though, since some of my best memories are from that week. The parties beforehand were ...oh wait, I barely went to parties. But I HEARD they were good.
-One of the great things about being a writer is that you can act weird sometimes and people say "Well, he's a writer, what did you expect?"
-Kind of a quiet night, to be honest.

There were lots of girls at the powerlifting meet I was at today. I think every girl there could whip me badly without breaking a sweat. Some of the kids there were just massive. I was there for about two hours, and got back just in time to watch more NCAA basketball.

I am working out quite a bit these days, but I could never possess the type of dedication these kids have.

12 days till baseball starts. Thank goodness.

Song quote of the Day
So let's leave it alone,
Cause we can't see eye to eye,
There ain't no good guys,
There ain't no bad guys, there's only you and me and we just disagree-Dave Mason

Friday, March 19, 2004

Friday Night
I am working tonight, laying out the sports page.
I will not be home until the early hours morning, so that should make for an interesting day tomorrow. My place desperately needs to be cleaned up, so that may be the plan for tomorrow.
Florida A&M vs. Kentucky is on. The suspense here is killing me, particularly because Florida A&M doesn't have a winning record. Shouldn't there be a law against that? Of course, if I went there, I would say "Shut up idiot, the conference is hard, they did what they had to do."
Sometimes an argument is the result of someone wanting to hear themselves talk. I know I am guilty of this.
The Pakistanis still don't have their man. Let's hope for the best.
I'm starting to see the negative ads already. Everybody settle in. Here we are, seven months from the election, and both sides are sniping. This will get NASTY, very soon.
Well, time to suit up and play ... the paper needs attention.

Song Quote of the day
I heard you went up to Saratoga, where your horse, naturally won,
then you flew your lear jet up to Nova Scotia to see the total elipse of the sun,
You're where you should be all the time, and when your not, your with,
Some underworld spy or the wife of a close friend, wife of a close friend and,
You're so Vein, you probably think think song is about you.-Carly Simon

Those are some of my favorite lyrics EVER. Off the top of my head, I can't think of a better shot at someone than to attack their vanity.
She never said who it was about, but I think it may be about ME.

Seriously, is there anyone you know who looks in the mirror as much as I do?
I'm onto you Carly

Thursday, March 18, 2004

Pakistani's say they have Al Qaeda No. 2 man surrounded
Read about it here

Now, onto other stuff...

-All my teams are still alive right now. Still early though.
-Today a co-worker gave me a card to go to see a barber he knows. I smiled, and took the "advice." Now, as many of you know, when left unkept, my hair can take on the look of a lion's mane. My hair is longer than it's been in a while, mainly because I am still adjusting, and a haircut isn't a high priority at the moment. I am still kind of amused that we all seem to take such interest in other people's appearances. I am usually the first person to jump on something that looks different. I have never figured out why.
-For my wrestling contingent, the WWE fired Ron Simmons today. I just don't care about this, since he has been a meaningless character in terms of direction for three years now, if not longer. To my non-wrestling contingent, you may be interested to know that Ron was an All-American at Florida State, and was signed by the Cleveland Browns after he graduated (an injury kept him from being a first rounder, if memory serves.) I expect Ron to retire.
-How can anyone not like Jimmy Buffet? Conservatives, liberals, rock fans, country fans, southerners, northerners ...he just is so good. Songs you know by heart may be one of the most pleasurable albums to listen to.
-I'm not sure how McDonalds changing their Mcnuggets to all-white meat causes some guy to change from nerd to all-out cool guy in that commercial, but if that is the reason, I am glad I have one accross the street.
-Bob Wickman is out for at least half the year. I believe he is now the HIGHEST PAID Indian, despite having NOT PLAYED in over a year and a half. Great money management guys. Glad we let Baez go though, because keeping a 23 year old fire thrower would be a WASTE of four million. IDIOTS!!!
-If I couldn't laugh I would go insane ...

Song Quote of the day
Shadows are falling and I'm running out of breath,
Keep me in your heart for a while,
If I leave you it doesn't mean I love you any less.
Keep me in your heart for a while.
When you wake up in the morning and you see that crazy sun,
Keep me in your heart for a while.
There's a train leaving nightly when all is said and done
Keep me in your heart for a while.
Keep me in your heart for a while.
-Warren Zevon

Truly a wonderful song, and it reminds you of how tragic, and at the same time how beautiful, life can be.

Madness and Zappa
Maryland is starting to play now, and I have them in my pool. I love March Madness, it is like a shot of Coca-Cola, it is like a kiss from your first love, it is like the applause after a great music concert. Gets me excited.

My friend Dan lent me a Frank Zappa CD, and I listened to it on a trip to Ben Logan, where I was slated to take a picture. Zappa has no rules. He just rips up musical format and does his thing. I am not sure if I like it or not, but I think I was starting to UNDERSTAND it, which was good.

Everybody should know that I am doing ok.

Wednesday, March 17, 2004

Back to basics
My friend Dan, who is overseas serving in the National Guard, has asked me to keep him updated on wrestling while he's gone. Hey, it gives me more stuff to write about, so why not?
By the way Dan, Thank you.

Wrestlemania Rundown
Cena defeated Big Show for US title. Bad match, but the crowd was jacked. Cena hit Show with something that hurt slightly less than a plastic cup to get the win. DUD

Booker T and RVD won the tag title match. Don't ask. *

Christian beat Jericho after Trish turned on Jericho after the match. Basically, Jericho had the hots for Trish, and Christian was jealous, so Christian beat up Trish on Raw. Then, during the Mania match, Trish inexplicibly double crossed Jericho and joined Christian. No, it didn't make sense, but it ended the angle, sorta, which is all I cared about. ***

Rock and Mick Foley lost to Evolution. Randy Orton pinned Foey, and Rock got booed while Flair was the most popular guy in the match, which was VERY Good. ****

Here they did the Hall of Fame Ceremony, with some touching moments, particularly when they showed clips of the speeches. Everyone was cheered, except for Pete Rose. Greg Valentine got such a big ovation he actually smiled.

They had some kind of evening gown match here that was won by Sable and Torrie. Nothing to get too excited about.

Cruiserweight Open: Basically, they rushed through a gauntlet match. Chavo Guerrero won, pinning Rey Meysterio. Criminally short. *

Brock Lesner and Goldberg had both quit WWE, and the fans knew it, completely turning on the match, and the competitors. I never heard anything quite like it. Goldberg pinned Brock, clean. At one point, the crowd was chanting for Hogan. *

The second tag team four way occurred now, with Scot Taylor and Rikishi retaining. I actually yawned typing that sentence. DUD

Almost there
Music, sports, politics, all have been covered here, but there are a few things I don't write about. I haven't written about the fact that the reason that I am here, the reason I am able to live the way that I do, write the way that I do, think the way that I do, is because of my parents.
Tonight when I went to the Ada Sports banquet, I saw parents. At the same time, I saw hope.
I am not a parent. Someday I hope to be, but probably not anytime soon. My parents are always there when I need to sound off. My mom listens to me rant for 45 minutes, calms me down, and instills me with common sense. My dad is my conscience, giving me the answers I need to hear, not always the ones I want to hear.
They are wonderful, honest, loving people. I miss them, but I hope I am doing them proud in Kenton.
The point is that there are people in our lives we need to say thank you to, and sometimes we don't. Watching parents look on proudly as their sons and daughters received awards, made me think about how my mom and dad made it to every school play they could, every concert, every banquet.
So Mom, Dad, I love you, and in case I haven't said it enough lately, thank you.

Sugar Plumb Ferry
Off to Ada tonight to do an awards ceremony. Ada is a wonderful college town. Smaller than BG, but the same optimism is there. I have really enjoyed it when I go there.
Happy St. Patricks Day ... stay safe.

Song Lyrics of the day
If you had the luck of the Irish
You'd be sorry and wish you were dead
If you had the luck of the Irish
and you wish you were english instead-John Lennon

Yeah, yeah... YOU try and find a positive Irish song.

Tuesday, March 16, 2004

She once was a true love of mine ...
But now she's a lost, conflicted, manipulated soul.
Read my article on baseball's current state here.

One of those days
Mama said there'd be days like this. I am blaming my rather downbeat mood today on the weather. The sun should return soon enough to pick up my mood. I know I am continuously the luckiest person in the world, and that I am going to be fine. Just some days are better than others.
There is so much going on right now, and it's all coming pretty quickly. Hopefully I'll start rolling in a couple of weeks again, with baseball on its way.
A note on the election in Spain. I think that the decisions made by the voters were a message that they are blaming the government for the tragedy that occurred in Madrid last week, which concerns me quite a bit. The last thing that anyone wants to do is convince the terrorists that they are responsible for any policy shift in government, particularly one like what is occurring in Spain.
I'm not sure that the phrase "socialist" and "win" have ever combined to mean ANYTHING good.
I'm listening to Marvin Gaye right now, which seems to be a perfect selection for the moment. He just soothes, you know?
Three weeks till Spring Training, two days till March Madness.
The days will get longer, warmer, and more pleasant. The sun will shine, and the sky will be cloudless.

Song Quote of the day
I've had good days and bad days and going half mad days
I try to let go, but they're still on my mind,
I've lost all the old ways,
I'm looking for new plays
Puttin it all on the line- Jimmy Buffett

Monday, March 15, 2004

More of the Unknown
Oh my my
Oh heck yes
the roads tomorrow will be a mess.
Yep, Lima is predicting 3-6 inches of snow here tomorrow. Funny thing is, hailing from Cleveland, it doesn't sound so bad. But the back roads and unplow-able areas of Kenton and the surrounding areas all but make it a sure thing that school will be canceled. This would have been good news for me ... FIVE YEARS ago.
Now snow just means I will be having to get up a little earlier tomorrow to shovel the snow off my car. I'm not a morning person, as the vitamin z-mojo doesn't really kick in until 8 a.m. or so. I hit my stride about 10 or 11 usually, which is why I was such an effective member of Jan Larson's copyediting class last semester. My goodness how I miss that class. It was my favorite last semester, and copyediting isn't even my thing.
I miss college a lot, for a lot of reasons. In many ways, I found my mature self there, and by the end, I was practically hanging onto clocks trying to halt their progression.
I could go back to BG, see some people, but it will never be the same.
The next four years will be pivotal, as they are for anyone. I have no idea what will happen next, but I think that's a good thing.
As the great Van Morrison once sang, "It seems like, feels like, a brand new day."
The sun is shining, but the ice is slippery.

Song Quote of the day

I've seen my life, go shining,
From the west down to the east
Any day now
Any day now
I shall be released-Bob Dylan

I Wonder who he's talking about

John Kerry is at it again. His claim about "foreign leaders" supporting him, while not being able to name names, reminds me of Raiders of the Lost Ark, when Harrison Ford asks someone who they have working on a problem and they reply: "Top men."
"What top men?" he persists.
This is the problem with Kerry. Personally, I could care less about what foreign leaders want. I'm sure his description of himself as an "internationalist" plays well with the liberal intellectual crowd, but forgive me if I take a pass at such remarks. Internationalism only is an idealistic term. It only exists when some country thinks they can gain the most by being alligned.
George Bush 1 was able to mobilize the international community in 1991, a war which, I believe, Kerry opposed. But the internationalists supported it, right John?
Plus, I am pretty sure the international community has there own stuff to think about right now, and hopeful John Kerry is not one of them.
Two points:
I don't care about what the rest of the world wants for my country.
If he's going to say that, I'D like to know who it is he's talking about. But I guess this ranks up there with Nixon's SECRET plan to end the Vietnam War.
Here's the story

Sunday, March 14, 2004

Time to face the strange
In response to last week's post about Pete Rose, the MSG cowd at wrestlemania booed him. Deservedly so. Do you know how sad it is to be viewed as an illegitmate entry in a fake sports' hall of fame?

Wrestlemania XX
Today is Wrestlemania 20. For better or worse, wrestling has interested me for the better part of the last 14 years. I don't know why I like it, I just always have. In honor of the event today, I will be posting the 20 greatest WM moments, as decided by Andy Barch, Aaron Rund, Vivek Vasavada, Phil Prusa, basically all my wrestling buddies from school, and my best friend ever.

That will be posted in a few hours.

This interests a minority, so feel free to skip it when it's posted.

Saturday, March 13, 2004

TOP 20 Wrestlemania Moments
1. Hogan slams Andre in the main event at WM III
In front of 93,000 (Actually 78,000) fans at the Pontiac Silverdome, Hulk Hogan faced Andre the Giant in the main event. It was this match that MADE Wrestlemania into something that mattered, and the visual of Hogan picking up the massive frenchman is replayed on just about every WWF retrospective piece.

2. Bret Hart and Steve Austin have one of the best matches ever at one of the worst WM's ever, but it turns Austin into a mega-star, and begins a turnaround that eventually re-established the WWF as the marquee name in wrestling.

3. WWF signs Mike Tyson as an outside enforcer at WM XIV, then Steve Austin ends his year-long quest for the WWF title in a great match against Shawn Michaels.

4. WM VIII saw Ric Flair's first wrestling appearance at Wrestlemania, and he and Randy Savage tore the house down in what friend Phil Prusa called "The greatest WM WWF title match of all time." Not only was the match rocking from start to finish, it also featured one of the greatest feuds in history, Flair's "She was mine before she was yours" angle with Savage.

5. Shawn Michaels faced Razor Ramon at WM 10 in something called a "ladder match" for the intercontinental title. The match, a total show stealer, did three things. It turned Michaels into a legit main eventer for the rest of his career, it turned Ramon into a serious midcarder, and fooled people into thinking he was a good worker, and ... the ladder match, now the standard for all feud blowoffs, whether it be the Hardy Boyz, HHH, or the Rock.

6. Wrestlemania VI, the Skydome, April 1, 1990. It was billed as Hulk Hogan's toughest challenge, as for the first time anyone could remember, he faced off against another face in the final match. Amazingly, these two guys would wrestle a great match, showing that Hogan, when motivated, could not only put on a good match, but also carry a slug, in Jim Hellwig. This was supposed to be a passing of the torch, as Warrior went over Hogan clean, a truely shocking experience. Of course, Hogan doesn't go away so easily, and Ultimate Warrior was a flake both inside and outside the ring. Still, a great moment.

7. Back to Wrestlemania III, as Randy Savage and Ricky Steamboat capped a hot angle with the first REALLY GREAT Wrestlemania match, with the Intercontinental title hanging in the balance. The match was the reason for workrate fans to love WM III. Reportedly, in addition to turning the two into superstars who would both go onto hold world titles, it also did something else: It ticked off Hulk Hogan, who felt the two had upstaged him at Wrestling's biggest event. Maybe that's why Steamboat lost the title a few months later (a short period of time in 1987 wrestling) to the Honky Tonk Man, and headed to the NWA a little more than a year later.

8. Wrestlemania VII will be remembered for two things: the tasteless Hogan-Slaughter "Iraqi Sympathizer angle" that drew so poorly they had to move the venue from the LA coliseum to the much smaller arena next door. But there is also a wonderful match that existed in the center of the PPV, a match between Ultimate Warrior and Randy Savage. This match was billed "Career Ending," meaning the loser would retire. (Yeah, well, it's wrestling) Now, a few things to note. Ultimate Warrior walked to the ring for the first time in his career. This was incredibly smart on his part (wow, the first and last time I'll write that) as he conserved energy for what would be a long match. Savage paced the match brilliantly, carrying the Warrior after he ran out of energy, and carrying him to the first **** 1/2 match of his career, and his last.
Oh yeah, and the finish. See, Elizabeth was in the crowd, and after Savage lost the match, she would run in to save him from a beating from the ticked off (and unemployed) Sensational Sherri. Savage hugging Elizabeth afterwards brought down the house, and turned Randy into the most over performer in the Fed, AFTER his supposed retirement.
What's interesting is that Warrior would remain in the WWF only four more months, then leaving until Wrestlemania VIII. Savage would return in November for what turned into some of his hottest feuds and best matches ever. Maybe in retrospect Savage should have won, I don't know.

9. Fast forward 11 years, to Wrestlemania X-8. Hulk Hogan had made a return to the WWF after a nine-year absence, with the nWo. His first act of business: Going after the promotions top Star, and good guy, the Rock. Now, Hogan was never much of a performer in the ring, and he had deteriorated quite a bit by 2002. Rock is and was awesome, maybe the best performer in wrestling history. The match was held in Skydome, 12 years after Hogan's showdown with Warrior there. Seemed like Rock would be the fan favorite finishing off the out of his prime Hulkster.
But Canadians love Hulk for some reason, and cheered for him and roasted the Rock the whole match. The match is still fun to watch, if only for the out of this world crowd reaction, turning all of the 20-somethings watching with me at BG into 11 year olds once more. Rock one the match, but Hogan stole the show.

10. Rewind a year, as Rock and Austin faced off at WM X-7. This match may be the only one to compete with Flair-Savage as a great WWF title match. The Texas crowd was JACKED, screaming for Austin. The match may have been the best in either's career, with an awesome storyline and awesome psychology. The ending, Stone Cold turning heel in Texas, failed, but the match and the atmosphere ruled.

11. Wrestlemania featured one more great match, as Bret Hart faced mentor Roddy Piper for the IC title, and Bret carried him to a great match. Piper was not much of a worker, and Hart solidified himself as a superstar here.

12. Lets go back to Wrestlemania, the first one. Now, my panel of experts seemed to mention one match here, the Andre-Big John Studd match. I have only seen it once, when I was about 11. and all reports on the actual match have said that it sucked as a match. But it was ANDRE as a face, slamming the devious John Studd and throwing money out to the fans at the end. So ok, there it is.

13. Bret Hart didn't want to job first, and neither did Shawn Michaels. It was an iron man match, 60 minutes worth. Now, no one that I have talked to was much of a fan of this match, but it is the only of its kind at mania, and it was Shawn's first title win. Wrestlemania 12, by the way.

14. Boxing and wrestling don't really mix, but for one night, they did at Wrestlemania 2. Roddy Piper, a huge fan favorite despite his heel status, faced Mr. T, a celebrity wrestler who was so unpopular that the fans booed him out of the building. But hey, it was a classic moment. Wrestling fans like WRESTLERS.

15. The Mega-Powers exploded at Wrestlemania V, what may be the best match of Hogan's career. It also was a great way to blow off the alliance between Hogan and Randy Savage, which had started a year earlier. Hogan won, of course, but it was a great match.

16. Now we are up to Wrestlemania X, as we take a look at the best opener at mania ever, the match between Bret Hart and the late Owen Hart, which turned Owen from midcard joke to top contender. It's a shame to me that Owen never won the world title and had Bret chase, since I have always thought that Owen was a superior character. The only thing I think Bret was better at was protecting his opponents. Regardless, it was a great great match, and is well worth a look.

17. Wrestlemania IV has the distinction of being my brother's favorite wrestlemania, and not much else. I loved it too when I was young, but the rushed matches, dead crowd and opening match (a battle royal?) have dimmed my view. Still, Randy Savage's first title win, and the beginning of a very successful year long run, warrant a spot on this list.

18. Wrestlemania XIX is a mania that I certainly was left with a negative feeling about. For one thing, HHH's win over Booker T after interjecting race into the program continues to anger me to this day. Still, Kurt Angle's performance in the night's final match, in what should have been his last match, deserves praise. The match itself was fantastic, only marred in a big way by the missed shooting star press from Brock, which nearly broke his neck. The match was awesome, and a fitting farewell for Kurt Angle. Oh wait, he's wrestling this year? Why?

19. One more Wrestlemania XIX moment here, as we now use an Andy Barch selection, the Hulk Hogan-Vince McMahon match. It was fun and historic, and Andy has some pull on this list.

20. At Wrestlemania X-7, the best Wrestlemania ever, there was the TLC match between the Dudleyz, the Hardyz, and Edge and Christian, a ***** star match with death defying bumps. Great match.

That's the list. Now, I am going to celebrate by watching my Ric Flair DVD.

Vleedon Fleece

Those women keep doing it at the Gund, beating Miami yesterday on another game winning shot by Lindsay Austin. I covered the team for parts of two seasons (all of last season and the first half of this year) and am thrilled with what is happening over there. One more win, and they reach the promised land. It also would mean that two of my buddies--Aaron Rund and Kevin Wernert--would get to go to the big dance to broadcast the games. That is reason enough to be intense about today's game against Eastern Michigan. The team, and the two guys, deserve it.

Someone at work yesterday asked me if I was 26. I almost started crying. Do I look that old? I still want to be able to gawk at college girls on Spring Break, and if people think I'm 26, it switches from "Good, immature fun" to "weird."

For the record, I will be 26 on May 2nd ... 2006. And not a minute before.

The people at work also have some other ideas for me. This scares me.

Friday, March 12, 2004


Well, it's a big weekend here at Vitamin Z. Some close friends will be coming to visit and it may affect my posting, but I doubt it. I am somewhat addicted to this site, if for no other reason that it gives me a chance to vent in what might be my most eloquent manner--writing. It's a release, a stimulant, a cause. In short, it's everything and more that I had hoped when it started a week and a half ago.
I had planned on including more political posts, but I have discovered that Danny O'Brien does that so well, that I have been focusing more on other things that interest me. It would seem that as November draws closer, my political commentaries will increase.
I was somewhat thrown this week when John McCain made his little remark about John Kerry, but time has given me a chance to think this out. I have many liberal friends, some who I would trust with my well-being. That doesn't mean that we would make a good political match. If my friend Carl (a talented and creative writer and soon director) asked me to join him in a political stand, I would certainly consider it, based on our friendship.
I think that is what John McCain meant. Joining the Democratic ticket would make him a folk hero to many (even me, who detests John Kerry, would have to respect him for being bold) but the Republicans would likely view him a traitor, the way many liberals view Ralph Nader today. Granted, McCain has more power, influence and voter potential than Ralph could ever dream to acheive, but I think you see my point.
It would be political suicide if the gamble failed, which it very well might. Republicans would never work with McCain, some democrats would dislike Kerry for abandoning his liberal roots.
Add it all up, and Kerry will probably be better off with John Edwards, who in addition to conservative appeal to swing voters, also hails from the south, a democratic must in November. That will be difficult for Kerry, who may have trouble ditching his elitest image. (He may not have one, but I believe there is a perception there.
The one thing that may hurt Bush is his Vice President. I don't think that anyone could discount Dick Cheaney's intelligence, but he is cause for concern. I'm not sure that anyone is comfortable with the idea of "President Cheaney," should something happen to Bush. I think it is in Bush's best interests to find a new candidate to run with.
But I don't think he's going to. I'm not sure that Bush would mind being back in Texas this time next year, not that I blame him. Even more, I am unconvinced that Bush cares that much about the GOP, much less what happens in 2008. He may want the staff in place that he feels can best work to make America work.
Part of that makes him admirable.
Part of it scares me.

Song quote of the day

Tall buildings shake, voices escape singing sad sad songs
Two Two chords
You were right about the stars
each one is a setting sun--Wilco

Simpsons Season 4!!!!!

Simpsons season four is scheduled to be released June 15. That is, in my opinion, the best season for Simpsons episodes, including:
Mr. Plow
Homer stops going to church
Homer gives up beer for a month ( a personal favorite of mine)
Marge goes to prison
Maggie's first word (Another favorite)
April Fools
Bart falls in love
Marge works at the plant
Valentines Day episode (Ralph falls for Lisa)
Too many great ones to count. They could charge $100 and it would still be a bargain. Note to Fox: I was KIDDING!!!!

Reggie Speaks the truth
I always thought that Reggie Jackson was cocky, and in some ways overrated. But he's an intelligent man and is a hall of famer (a deserving one, not like GC) and when he talks, people listen.
And as it turns out, with good reason. Reggie made some comments yesterday about steroids in baseball, doing everything but saying that Barry Bonds is on steroids. He also chastised the union for its extremeley weak defense of a players right to privacy. You can read his quotes at I suggest you give it a read.
I screamed "YES!" when I was done reading.


The attack on Spain is another sign that terrorism is an international issue, not just one that affects certain areas of the world. Terrorism comes in many forms, not just in Islamic. It is an international issue that the whole world must unite on--which--if you believe the leaders of the world, they understand. But actions speak much louder than words. All the posturing in the world isn't going to catch one terrorist, whether it be Usama Bin Laden or the sickos that bombed the trains.
International cooperation is great, but it must be real cooperation, not just vague pledges and then squabbling. Hard, committed stands need to be made by all countries, not just the ones directly involved. Otherwise, all countries at some point will be directly involved.
My heart goes out to all those who lost loved ones in the tragic events of yesterday.

Thursday, March 11, 2004

Bertuzzi suspended for the rest of the season, team fined $250,000 (Canadian)
Some might say that the punishment is too tough. I say, it isn't harsh enough. I'd have kicked him out of the league forever. You can say that Bertuzzi feels bad, but I think OJ may feel bad too. Get rid of people like this before Hockey turns into gang wars.
Read the full article here.
Oh, and 250,000 Canadian? What is that, $18 American?

Song quote of the day:
"I've been afraid of changing cause I built my life around you ...
But time makes you bolder, children get older, I'm getting older too.
If you see my reflection in the snow covered hills ...
Then maybe, the landslide brings you down."

I love Fleetwood Mac, love Stevie Knicks, and I love the song. I don't like the Dixie Chicks, who also did the song. Stevie has the rock voice, maybe the best female rock voice ever. She also wrote her songs, and her combination with Lindsay Buckingham and Christine McVee produced one of the greatest rock albums ever.

Now, just for the record (I say that a lot) I don't have a crush on Stevie Knicks. I do love her, but in more of a "your awesome Stevie, keep making music" kind of way, not in my College freshman "Madonna is hot" kind of way. Ask any of my friends from 2000 who I was crazy about that year.

Keep making music Stevie, you rule.

Wednesday, March 10, 2004

Holy GOD
One of my favorite politicians ever on the Kerry ticket? Read this .
I don't know what to think. I have always endorsed bi-partisan cooperation, but this would be insane. The truth is that McCain-Lieberman would have made more sense. This doesn't really. I like McCain a lot (I voted for him in the 2000 primaries), but I am way too skeptical of John Kerry to endorse this as an idea. Kerry and McCain differ on several issues. While I'd like to see McCain in a VP spot, this is not what I envisioned.

Still, the fact that Kerry is friends with McCain moves him up a few notches in my book. Like from 0 to 2.

UPDATE: I still love McCain. Here's why.

Brock Lesner quits WWE, wants to play in NFL

Isn't that a Bill Murray commercial? Hey, with that kind of security, I'd like to play in the NFL too. Read about it here.

This is a joke right? Right?

They have it so tough

It is being reported in Sports Weekly that Nicole Ritchie and Paris Hilton will return to a second season of "The Simple Life." Apparently, they will work with the Triple A Tuscon Sidewinders, farm club to the Arizona Diamondbacks. They will be given the job of "lowly interns."
I am a sportswriter, I worked as a play-by-play man for the college radio station, and 70 percent of my friends are involved in journalism, many sports journalism. Bottom line is, I have a bunch of buddies who would KILL for that internship. I would have loved to have it a year ago.
I feel bad that they are giving these two "celebrities" internships while some hard working college student gets turned away. (That last part was pure speculation on my part.)
The point is, a lot of people would just love to do it, minus the Fox reality show.

Jones and the Cult
Last night, after returning to my charming living quarters, I turned on A&E to watch Biography, catching that evenings episode about Jim Jones.
You remember Jim Jones, the whacked up preacher that didn't believe in God who somehow convinced 900 people to kill themselves after convincing them to move to some colony in South America in 1977.
Towards the end of the documentary, one of his friends said that she hoped his final days didn't overshadow "the good work he did," such as working with the poor and attempting to improve race relations.
UMMMMM. Hello? Anyone there?
This crackpot somehow convinced 900 people to meet their maker (who Jones actually claimed to be) and sat idly by as 300 children were killed at the compound. The 600 adults is one thing, they made their own, convoluted choice-- but the children is an unforgivable, evil thing.
Bottom line, there IS no good. You can't help to kill innocents and have any good attached to your name.
900 people, gone.
But he did a lot of good work, right?
It's comments like that that make me wonder about the human race.As if Jim Jones hadn't made us wonder enough already.

Oh, and he assassinated a congressman. Great guy though.

Tuesday, March 09, 2004

Song Quote of the day
Your pain and your hunger are driving you home
And freedom, oh freedom
that's just some people talking.
Your prison is walking through this world all alone-The Eagles

I may have been better served to use "One of these Nights" since I am having trouble sleeping. I think I better let somebody love me before it's too late.

Days without swearing: 0
Days of consecutive workouts:0
Days of guitar practice:0
Days of getting depressed about how little personal growth I made today:1

Tuesday Night

Just a few night-notes.
-I get the feeling Usama is gonna be caught and soon. I don't particularly care what it means to the election or anything else, I just want a man who has killed thousands of innocent people from all religions and walks of life where he belongs. That would probably be someplace worse than he will end up, but you get my point.

-The Browns signed Jeff Garcia. I didn't realize that Garcia is 34, but it tells me that Butch Davis wants to win RIGHT NOW. Whether they will is still up in question.

-There is a CHANCE, that I could be headed to Jacobs Field to cover opening day. If so, great. I want to keep an even keel and not go all "Zach-like" about this, because you know, I'm kind of a professional.

-Good luck to Curt Miller and the women's basketball team tomorrow in Cleveland. I wish I could be there, but be sure to tune in to 88.1 fm and listen to Aaron Rund and Kevin Wernert call the game. Now you may be saying "Zach, you're simply putting over two of your friends because they're your friends."
I say,listen to the broadcast, because these two guys are very good and bring out all the emotion. Plus they work for one of the coolest organizations in BG, the BGRSO.
It's also good to see Miller (a true class act) doing well with a good young team. He deserves it.

Paul Winfield dead

Paul Winfield, the Academy Award-nominated actor who acted in everything from a biopic on Martin Luther King Jr. to Star Trek II: The Wrath of Kahn, has died, according to
I know him best as the haunting voice on A&E's City Confidential, one of my favorite A&E programs (and that's saying something).
He was 62.
Rest in peace, Mr. Winfield.

Garcia signs with Browns ...

The old man is off his rocker. Note to self ... Dad not allowed to talk to press.

Monday, March 08, 2004

Of Another Mind

Eric Bell has a season preview up, and the Indians are predicted in it to be 75-87. I respect Erik as much as anyone, but I almost find his prediction to be too optimistic. On the other hand, if he's right, the season will still be a disappointment.
Still, it's a great read, and Erik is a good source to go on. After all, I picked the Marlins to be in fourth place last year. Read it here.
Baseball season is almost here.
Tick Tick Tick.
Actually, that was the players waiting for their drug test results.

Libertarian Test
I scored a 35 on the libertarian test that I found off of Danny O'brien's website. Apparently, this means that I have strong libertarian credentials, and I will only become more extreme in my views as time goes on.
Declaring myself as a libertarian would mean that I'd share party lines with Denis Leary (good) and Bill Maher (VERY VERY BAD). It's an interesting test all the same. Check it out at Danny's website, here.

Thanks Dad
See, now this is why I don't let my dad talk to the press about my contact with NFL teams.

Like a full forced gale

Every once in a while I have something that really puts a smile on my face. Today, it was a call from a former professor who I hadn't talked to in two months. We talked about my new job and how things are going. She mentioned that she reads the site, and gets a smile out of it.
The fact that she took time out of her day to call me at work so that we could touch base has left me in a good mood for the rest of the day, and makes me feel I am headed in the right direction.
To that person, thanks so much.

Monday Blues
Not a whole lot going on today in the way of a rant. I had one posted regarding the Browns offering Jeff Garcia a contract, but my computer shut off and now I'm left with the task of re-writing a rant, something I struggle with.
Breaking it down: I like the move, and wish Couch well in his future endeavors.

The temporary Iraqi constitution was signed today. I am not really sure what it all means, but I am happy to see continued progress in the country. Regardless of how anyone feels or what anyone says, Iraq, and for that matter the region, will be better off because of the Iraq war. Whether the sacrifice being paid is worth it or not will only be answered in the future, but Iraq is better with Saddam gone.

The Indians have started Spring Training, and I well, I *yawn* who are the Browns signing again?

Couch era all but over
According to the Plain Dealer. the Browns have offered quarterback Jeff Garcia a two year deal, spelling the end for Thim Couch in Cleveland. Garcia hasn't agreed to the deal yet, but I'd be surprised if he doesn't later today. Eight million over two years is a lot to pass up, especially at Jeff's age.
My thoughts on the deal are this: I am a big Garcia guy, and have been since he began quarterbacking the 49ers.
I still think that Couch can be an effective NFL quarterback, but he was never going to be the "great" quarterback that his salery deserved. Add to that all the psychological issues (the benching, getting jeered by the fans) and I think his departure is for the best.
Garcia is likely not a long term answer, but I think Davis is beginning to believe, as many in the NFL do, that an offense should not be made to fit a quarterback, but that a quarterback should fit an offense.
I expect Tim to surface in Dallas, Arizona, or somewhere where a team is looking for an answer.
I never really liked or disliked Couch. I only met him once, and he was cool to me when I did, but as a quarterback, he was simply too inconsistant, focing passes and holding the ball too long.
He may prosper in another organization, where he will no longer be asked to carry the weight of being the "franchise quarterback."
I still think the Browns need to focus on the line, though.

Song Quote of the Day

While Mona Lisa's and Mad Hatters, sons of bankers, sons of lawyers turn around and say good morning to the night.
And unless they see the sky ... but they can't and that is why,
They know not if it's dark outside or light.--Elton John Mona Lisa's and Mad Hatters

Days of Consecutive workouts: 1
Days of guitar practice: 0
Days without swearing: 2

Sunday, March 07, 2004

Another Wrestler Dies
According to numerous sources, Raymond Fernandez, who wrestled as "The Mighty Hercules," passed away this morning due to a heart attack. Fernandez wrestled for the WWF for over six years, as both a face and heel, and of course was a part of Power and Glory with Paul Roma.
I lost track of him as a fan after he left the WWF in 1992, but he apparently did well in Japan.
Another wrestler gone at a premature age. The Wrestling Observer website has a post up on it here.


The actual email to give me feedback on the site is
So you probably got a bounceback, or reached a Balco-esque company in Anchorage or something.

On a semi-related note, my boss asked me:
"Zach, where do those come from?"
He means my thoughts that I verbalize without any coersion or reason.
My response:
"I don't know."

"If fans really wanted to ban doping in baseball, they'd stage a major boycott of the games. It's the only way you'll ever see it stop."


Saturday, March 06, 2004

What a game
Sometimes good things do happen to good people. Riverdale won their sectional tonight, 48-47, on a shot underneath the basket by a girl that had not made basket all game, and it came with 1.8 seconds left. I was covering the game, and for the second time in three nights, was astounded by the intensity of the game and the passion displayed by all involved. Riverdale's head coach is a heck of a guy, and I am really happy for him and his team. You will be able to read my story in the Times Monday.

My friend Nihar is accusing me of stealing his Vote for Kerry/Avoid Hillary thought. For the record, I stole it from Evan Kilbane. I may steal, but I am honest about who I rip off. He needn't worry, because it was just a thought, not something I am likely to do. Voting for John Kerry is about as enticing to me as a swim in a shark tank.

By the way, the email address is for anyone who has feedback regarding the blog. The link doesn't actually go anywhere, but it is there in case you have comments.
I am thinking about posting feedback with responses, because I am interested in getting other perspectives here.

Vivek Vasavada will also be joining the Vitamin Z blog, as he will be doing some writing for it. I am encouraging him NOT to write his first column on the greatness of Richard Nixon, but we'll see.

Go Cavs! Three straight wins!

T.O opens his mouth ... again.

I bet Brian Billick was looking himself in the mirror and telling himself how great he was two days ago. He had just snagged one of the top receivers in the game, and should that improve Baltimore's rather sad offense next season, he could continue to tell people how great he was.
Then he logs onto the internet and sees this .
I still think Ozzie deserves a hundred thousand times more credit than egotist personified, by the way.
It usually annoys me to see a player whine when he was under contract, and I would normally be inclined to side with the Ravens in this situation.
But it's the Ravens, so who cares.

Who said John Kerry and I don't have anything in common? This picture proves otherwise.

After watching the film last night, I want to make it clear that I am never using a phone booth again. I'm not sure that I ever did, but still ...
The movie was pretty good, as it was Keifer Sutherland (a character who is not seen) who steals the show. Ebert wrote that in order for the film to work, the voice had to work, and it did.
Yep, I'd say it did.
As for the rest of the group?
Well, I am a big fan of Forrest Whitaker, and I think he was solid as usual.
I have really liked Collin Ferrell in the things I have seen him in, but for whatever reason, his performance didn't click for me. His American accent was not all that good, in my opinion, as his Irish accent was noticable at times.
Whoever it was that played Collin's wife CAN'T ACT, period.
Katie Holmes really has no part, other than to stand there and look adorable. Mission accomplished there.
I really enjoyed the film. The first part drags a bit, but once we here Keifer's voice, the movie becomes must see, a mix of action and humor.
So see the movie.
*** 1/2

Another Birthday Wish
My longtime friend Nick Weber celebrated his 23rd birthday yesterday. Nick and I have been up and down the roads of college together, and two three wrestling shows, one baseball game, and several other films. Nick is in Japan, no doubt making the world a better place. I miss him and can't wait to hang out with him when he returns to the United States.

Until then Nick, keep enjoying Japan!

Song quote of the day
Song one

"I long to hold you tight,
So I can feel you
Sweet Lady of the night...
I shall reveal you."

Van Morrison-Caravan

If there was ever something I wish I could say to a woman, this would be it. One day, maybe I will say it.

Friday, March 05, 2004

Such are dreams of mine
It's the weekend finally. I have to work tonight and tomorrow, but it's ok, because I have the music. My CD's, my guitar, etc. I think I may pester my brother to burn me a CD with my top 20 songs on them. Also, I want to take this chance to wish one of my best friends in the world, Scott Russell, a happy 22nd birthday. Scott's a great guy, and he's right now wrapping up at Kent State. Happy Birthday Scott! Life begins at 22. Enjoy your last night of being 21. :)

I also want to encourage everyone to read Vince Guerrieri's article at 210 West. It's a very touching article about a friend he lost to soon, and the understanding of life and what's important.
Vince is constantly giving me feedback on my columns for the site, which I appreciate and need. Check out his article here .
I have a column coming up on the site, which should be up soon. It's basically an endless rant against an old love of mine.

Have a great night everybody.

I was talking to an old friend today, who has been listening to Howard Stern. Basically, Howard is convinced he will be pulled off the air by the Christian right, and the Clear Channel decision to pull him will only continue.
Now, being the type of "South Park Republican" that I tend to be, I want to make this clear: We have problems in this country, but Howard Stern is not one of them. As a journalist, I have always respected his ability to ask the questions to celebrities that everyone wants to know. I don't always approve of Howard's content, but his overall message to a wannabe musician struck a chord with me.
The musician was complaining that music was political, and that you had to know someone to make it big. Howard responded that the argument is a self-fulfilling prophecy, and that when he went to New York, he knew no one, but still made it because he worked hard.
That's exactly the type of message that a conservative should stand for.
This applies to parents too: If you want to raise your kids the right way, YOU have to be the one to check on them and make sure that they are not exposed to the things you object to. Don't look to the media to protect you. That is not our job.
Bush is treading a strange line with me. I have supported his assertiveness in the war on terror, but his support of a constitutional amendment to ban gay marriage strikes me as overuse of national government.
Gay marriage doesn't bother me. Howard Stern doesn't bother me. I am an Eisenhower conservative: I don't care what you do as long as you don't hurt anyone else.
Howard Stern is not the problem. I had great, caring parents, and that is why I think I ended up okay. (Some may disagree).
Oh, and please Mr. President, find a better vice presidential candidate! Dick Cheaney is not inspiring to anyone, and scares the heck out of social moderates like myself. He won't run in 2008, and the Republicans NEED to start prepping a candidate to defeat Senator Clinton.
As much as I don't like John Kerry, I could be compelled to vote for him if I become convinced that another four years of Bush would mean four years of Hillary.
That's a scarier thought than any way that you can frame "President Kerry."
I'm still with you Mr. President, but you are troubling me as well.

Thursday, March 04, 2004

In Findlay tonight, covering Riverdale girls playoff basketball. I have only covered them once, and they won. I like to see them win, and will be pulling for them tonight.
The Ravens aquired Terrell Owens. Great, we gotta deal with that jerk two times a year. Him AND Ray Lewis? UGH. Oh, and I'm so sick of people talking about second chances for Ray Lewis. The man seems to have never really come clean. Hearing Mike Wilbon (who I like and respect) talk about second chances is pure disrespect to the people that died. Do they get a second chance to live? To find justice?
Ray may not have killed those two people, but he has never come clean. I just can't get past it.

Tripsleft writer (and friend) Erik Bell has written a column on the legacy of Barry Bonds. Or rather, the fact that it has been permanently tarnished by steroid allegations. Erik, always an honest commentator, says what I think a lot of people are thinking, and have thought for a long time. I have never hated Bonds the way Erik has, but I admit feeling about the same way he does at this point.

Wednesday, March 03, 2004

Andy's Mock Draft

For those who don't know, Andy Barch is a walking scouting book when it comes to the NFL draft. If you're a football junky (as I am) you have to read this, since it's coming from a very informed source. He has Ben Roethlisberger slipping to 11, and the Steelers taking him. I would be surprised, but stranger things have happened.
A great read, as always, from the chief provider of ruthless aggression.
You can check it out here.

I just got my copy of Sports Weekly, and it ranks the top eight quarterbacks for April's draft. Josh Harris is not on the list, falling behind John Navarre (of Michigan) and Luke McCown (Louisiana Tech). If Harris gets a chance, he will be better than those two, I promise you.
Ben Roethlisberger has also reportedly fallen to as low as 10th in the NFL draft. I am sure many Browns fans have mixed emotions, since many want to see him in an orange helmet next year. My thoughts? Forget the quarterback,grab either Kellen Winslow (TE from Miami), or Sean Taylor (S from Miami). If he's available, the Browns should absolutley take Robert Gallery (OL from Iowa), but I don't see how he'll last until the seventh pick.
My prediction?
Couch is out.
Couch is out, but Drew Henson is not the answer either. I kind of like Anthony Wright, who started for Baltimore last year. I don't think he has a criminal record, despite being a Raven .

I have placed just a few sites that I read generally at the box to your right. For the most part, these are my friends websites, and websites in which I write for or have written for in the past.
Town Hall is an exception, a conservative columnist site. Most of you are likely aware of my political leanings (except for Andy Barch, who last night informed me he had no idea) but I want to assure you that I do not agree with all of the columns. It's just that a few of my favorite writers, such as George Will and Armstrong Williams, are featured on that site. I consider myself a social moderate, but fiscal conservative. I am also not above admitting I may be wrong every now and then.
I plan on including more political links, as I'd like to keep the blog only slightly tilted to the right. I even thought of including a few liberal media sites, say, this site ,but haven't had the time as of yet.

Jim Rome has a great take on the Bonds-Sheffield-Giambi situation.
In a perceptive argument, Rome calls the words the players are starting to use in their denials "Clintonesque." Very Perceptive commentary, in my opinion, but I have come to expect that from Jim Rome.
And for the record, Vitamin Z doesn't come with FDA Approval, but it is not on any banned steroid list that I know of. So any baseball players taking it, you're safe.

Tuesday, March 02, 2004

Edwards drops out: Kerry is now the likely nomination

I almost registered as a democrat so I could vote for Edwards. That's how strongly I dislike Kerry. He just has something about him that comes accross poorly. I can see Edwards as the democratic VP nominee, in Kerry's half-hearted attempt to sway southern voters. Maybe it will work, maybe it won't. But in talking to a former professor yesterday who is the antithesis of everything I stand for politically, we finally agreed on something:
This will be the nastiest campaign in a long time.
I just hope that this campaign focuses on the future, not on the distant past. It's not that I don't think it's important, because it is. But there are millions of people on this earth who don't know about the national guard, or postwar testimony. President Bush and Senator Kerry can't go back and re-do the past. It is important for them as individuals, not so important for the future of this country.
I doubt that anyone who knows me is wondering who I am going to vote for. My politics are pretty prevailant in daily discussions.
But everything aside, lets just look at this election for what should be--the issues of America, not two Americans.
I DID vote by the way. I have the sticker to prove it.

TOP 20 Songs

Just some personal favorites here, nothing that is too obvious I think.
1. Caravan- Van Morrison (Moondance)
2. Lyndon Arden Stole the Highlights -Van Morrison (Vleedon Fleece)
3. Oh My Love—John Lennon (Imagine)
4. Something--Beatles (Abbey Road)
5. Walking in Memphis Marc Cohn (Marc Cohn)
6. In Your Eyes—Peter Gabriel (So)
7. Don’t Think Twice—Bob Dylan (Before the Flood)
8. King of Pain—The Police (Synchronicity)
9. You’re so Vein—Carly Simon (No Secrets)
10.What is Life—George Harrison (All Things Must Pass)
11.You Were Always on my mind—Willie Nelson (St. Claire)
12.Telephone Line—ELO (New World Record)
13. Handle With Care—Traveling Wilburies (Traveling Wilburies Vol. 1)
14. Like a Full Forced Gale—Van Morrison (Into the Music)
15. Sitting—Cat Stevens (Catch Bull at four)
16.Sweet Baby James—James Taylor (Sweet Baby James)
17.More than a woman—Bee Gees (Saturday Night Fever)
18.All Things Must Pass—George Harrison (All things must Pass)
19.My Maria-BW Stephenson (My Maria)
20. Higher Place Tom Petty (Wildflowers)
*I just added the numbers and the albums that I knew of off hand. This list is ever changing, and I will just run out of new stuff to put on anyway.

I added all the albums, thanks to


This is my list of my top 10 wrestlers ever. These are my favorites, and the reasons why they are. HHH is not on this list, but you already knew that.

How could I have left Vader and Sting off this list? sigh.

1. Ric Flair: The best wrestler ever, the best talker ever. He won the best Royal Rumble ever, and wrestled in the best match ever, and the best wrestlemania match ever. A total professional who puts everyone else over just by being in the ring ever. Simply the best.
2. Rock: The most entertaining performer of the last 10 years. He does it all, and makes good movies. And he has jobbed to all of the following in the last five years: Mick Foley, HHH, Al Snow, Big Bossman, Undertaker, Hulk Hogan, Steve Austin, The Hurricane, Chris Benoit, Chris Jericho, Goldberg, Billy Gunn, Brock Lesner. Read that list over and see how many people Rock has put over, in comparison to other big stars. You da man Rock.
3. Jeff Jarrett: Jeff looks a lot like me. Plus he can work, talk and run an overall fun promotion. He may never be back in WWE. Another reason to hate Vince McMahon. They call him unprofessional. I say, he jobbed to CHYNA!!!!!!! You’re still my man, Jeff.
4. Ted Dibiase: The best heel ever. A great worker who never won a world title. Another reason to hate Vince McMahon and Hulk Hogan. Dibase could make anyone look good, and always did. On top of all that, he is a professional and by all accounts a good man. He is no longer in the business, which is too bad.
5. Curt Hennig: I never really felt so bad about a wrestlers death (save Owen Hart), as I did for Hennig. Mr. Perfect was the best character of his era, and surprisingly, could work well as a face too. Who’d have thought that in 1990? I miss Curt. He remains one of my favorites.
6. Raven: He does everything well. Works, talks, is just beyond awesome. But he has no real world title pushes and has had trouble beating his addictions. Seems to have done it now, and good for him.
7. Rick Steamboat: He brought class to his programs, a tremendous wrestler who had the best matches ever against Ric Flair. Not much of a talker, but who cares. Put him in the ring against anyone and he ruled. Oh, and his match against number 8.
8. Randy Savage: OOOH YEAH. Great talker, great worker who could work as a face or a heel. His match with Ric Flair at Wrestlemania eight remains my favorite WWF match of all time.
9. Bret Hart: I hated him at times, but began to appreciate him in 2000 when I rented some old tapes and watched him carry Roddy Piper, Kevin Nash and others to great matches. Definetly not a great talker, but effective enough, and always a good worker.
10: Hulk Hogan: As much as I dislike him now, he was the reason I followed wrestling in 1991 and 1997. He never could work, but remains one of the Most popular wrestlers of all time.

MARGE SCHOTT: Rest in Peace
The controversial owner (former majority owner) of the Cincinnati Reds died today. For all of her faults (which were MANY) she was a good baseball owner. What I mean is, she kept ticket prices down, kept hot dogs at a dollar, and kept a competitive team on the field. Don't look for a joke here, because all that could have been made have been made.
Rest in Peace.


I'm not really shocked. But I hope that no baseball reporter claims that the "fans don't care." I am a fan, and I sure as heck care. If I wanted to watch juiced up players who take roids because they can't make it on their own abilities, I'd watch old WBF tapes. Baseball has a serious problem, and the first step in recovery is admitting that you have one.
This is going to force the issue.
And I hope that no one talks about privacy. It's ILLIGAL. You could shoot someone in your own house and claim it to be a private matter.
Baseball needs to get its house in order.


Gotta love that Vince McMahon. Apparently, he has named Pete Rose as a member of the WWE (formerly WWF) hall of fame. Now, Pete Rose is not, never was, never will be a professional wrestler, but he DID make three appearances at Wrestlemania. Now, by all justifyable causes he should not be in a Hall of Fame for Wrestlers, especially when Randy Savage, Hulk Hogan and Bret Hart are not in.
But let's look at this for what it is. A cheap chance for McMahon (and Rose) to get more publicity and possibly, more money.
Rose needs the money (he always does), and McMahon hopes that Rose's presence will increase his Wrestlemania 20 buyrate.
Of course, debating who should be in a Hall of fame for a fake sport may seem odd to some of you. But I think wrestling however silly at times, does require a great deal of skill, charisma and consistancy. So I am in favor of a WWE hall of fame, provided that those who get in are deserving, and those who are left out are not done so for political reasons.
Pete Rose falls into neither category. He belongs in the baseball hall of fame. period.

New and improved

Everything is coming up roses. Look for more cool stuff from your favorite supplement. :)

Later today, I will publish my 20 favorite songs, and give my thoughts on the primaries. I plan to vote in them, but my interest in who to vote for is local, for obvious reasons.

Thanks to everyone for making me feel back at home last night, as I returned to Bowling Green. I hope that next time I appear, it won't be for five minutes.
Thanks to Bruce for inviting me to the game, even though BG lost.
Also, it was good to return to the air of 88.1 last night. I did squeeze in one inside joke, but I thought it came off okay.
Brian George and Greg Gania are as close to professional as you can get without being professional. They are great guys, and it was great to be back in the booth, if only for a moment.
Also, be sure to check out my buddies at It's a site that is Vitamin Z approved, as Erik Bell, Andy Barch and Nick Seuberling continue to bring the awesome on a daily basis.
One of these days, I will figure out how to get a link page on here, so I can post my friends, such as Danny O'Brien's website, and, among others.
This is all really inside stuff, but I hope to branch out in my posts later.
Ed Herman in 2004!

Well that didn't take long!
I am now blogging, like Howard Dean, only without the radical liberalism and barbaric voice usage. Welcome to Vitamin Z, a trip inside my mind! Enjoy it, and it will be a trip discussing sports, wrestling, politics, music, movies ... general stuff. Thanks for stopping by!