Sunday, December 19, 2010

10 quick (and I mean really quick) thoughts on the Browns
1. Up 7-0, and with a fourth and two at the Bengals 40, the 5-8 Browns punt, thinking it'd be a close game. Then they manage to lose yardage at the end of the half and have to punt. Then they kick a field goal on fourth and one deep in Bengals territory down 9. If this is Eric Mangini's version of playing to win, I'd hate to see what other modes there are.

2. Hate to say it, but I hope Josh Cribbs is hurt. I'd never question his desire,his effort or his intensity, but he honestly looks a half step slower this year. He's my favorite player, but I am worried about him.

3. The Browns touchdowns went to Robert Royal and Brian Robiskie. Think about the odds of that happening.

4. The Bengals tried to give the game away late; the Browns wouldn't take it.

5. Not sure how anyone can look at a losing season that included defeats to Buffalo and Cincinnati and ascertain progress from last year.

6. Yes, I remember New Orleans and New England. But I also remember the win over Carolina.

7. You can't take away Mangini's success in October and November. He'll always have New Orleans and New England.

8. Romeo Crennel will always have the Seattle and Giants games. Butch Davis will always have Baltimore and Atlanta. Chris Palmer always has Pittsburgh.

9. Colt McCoy looks good, but I'm not ready to hand him Otto Graham's jersey yet. But yes, he should be the starter in 2011.

10. I blame LeBron James for this season being so depressing.


Monday, December 13, 2010

Bills 13, Browns 6
The Browns are a team that runs the football.

The Bills have one of the worst run defenses in the league. So why did the Browns manage only a pair of field goals?

The playcalling was bizarre. The Browns would run twice, get a third and three, then pass and await disaster. This pattern happened several times.

Jake Delhomme's at the end of the road. The only thing I know for sure is that Delhomme fits in this offense poorly. So do all the receivers. The veteran probably isn't capable of being a starting quarterback anymore.

The thing is, people blame the offensive coordinator for the woes. I'm not saying Brian Daboll is Lindy Infonte, but every call runs through Eric Mangini. This is his offense, and has been for two years.

There's a chance the Browns could lose out. I think they have to win two of the team's three games left to save Mangini's job. Regardless, Daboll's done as coordinator after this year.


Wednesday, December 08, 2010

Here we go
-Just random thoughts about sports in general...

- Eric Manginin needs to win three of the final four games to assure his spot as Cleveland's head coach next year. This is just my opinion. If he wins two games and goes 7-9, he has a shot to stay. Anything less and Mike Holmgren will be itching to either pick his own man, or take over.

I do believe the Browns are improving. But improvement can continue with a new head coach.

- I was reminded of a quote from one of my personal heroes, Chandler Bing, who once said "It's like someone wrote out my worst nightmare, and charged me $35 to see it."

I didn't suffer such an indignity, but the people of Cleveland who packed the Q less than a week ago did. The Heat destroyed the Cavaliers, and since, the Cavs have lost every game and Miami has won every one. Some believe the Heat are clicking, but I don't think anyone expected them to not make the playoffs or finish in the top four of the Eastern Conference. The test for Miami will be Boston, Orlando, Los Angeles. The Heat will be a disappointment every year they don't win the NBA title.

- The Steelers win games they shouldn't, and Sunday was an example. Baltimore was my pick to win the Super Bowl, but its defense has struck me as just OK. The Falcons, the Steelers, the Bills have all scored late to extend or win games. Is Ray Lewis slowing down? I sure hope so.

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