Wednesday, December 08, 2010

Here we go
-Just random thoughts about sports in general...

- Eric Manginin needs to win three of the final four games to assure his spot as Cleveland's head coach next year. This is just my opinion. If he wins two games and goes 7-9, he has a shot to stay. Anything less and Mike Holmgren will be itching to either pick his own man, or take over.

I do believe the Browns are improving. But improvement can continue with a new head coach.

- I was reminded of a quote from one of my personal heroes, Chandler Bing, who once said "It's like someone wrote out my worst nightmare, and charged me $35 to see it."

I didn't suffer such an indignity, but the people of Cleveland who packed the Q less than a week ago did. The Heat destroyed the Cavaliers, and since, the Cavs have lost every game and Miami has won every one. Some believe the Heat are clicking, but I don't think anyone expected them to not make the playoffs or finish in the top four of the Eastern Conference. The test for Miami will be Boston, Orlando, Los Angeles. The Heat will be a disappointment every year they don't win the NBA title.

- The Steelers win games they shouldn't, and Sunday was an example. Baltimore was my pick to win the Super Bowl, but its defense has struck me as just OK. The Falcons, the Steelers, the Bills have all scored late to extend or win games. Is Ray Lewis slowing down? I sure hope so.

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