Sunday, December 19, 2010

10 quick (and I mean really quick) thoughts on the Browns
1. Up 7-0, and with a fourth and two at the Bengals 40, the 5-8 Browns punt, thinking it'd be a close game. Then they manage to lose yardage at the end of the half and have to punt. Then they kick a field goal on fourth and one deep in Bengals territory down 9. If this is Eric Mangini's version of playing to win, I'd hate to see what other modes there are.

2. Hate to say it, but I hope Josh Cribbs is hurt. I'd never question his desire,his effort or his intensity, but he honestly looks a half step slower this year. He's my favorite player, but I am worried about him.

3. The Browns touchdowns went to Robert Royal and Brian Robiskie. Think about the odds of that happening.

4. The Bengals tried to give the game away late; the Browns wouldn't take it.

5. Not sure how anyone can look at a losing season that included defeats to Buffalo and Cincinnati and ascertain progress from last year.

6. Yes, I remember New Orleans and New England. But I also remember the win over Carolina.

7. You can't take away Mangini's success in October and November. He'll always have New Orleans and New England.

8. Romeo Crennel will always have the Seattle and Giants games. Butch Davis will always have Baltimore and Atlanta. Chris Palmer always has Pittsburgh.

9. Colt McCoy looks good, but I'm not ready to hand him Otto Graham's jersey yet. But yes, he should be the starter in 2011.

10. I blame LeBron James for this season being so depressing.



At 9:05 AM , Anonymous Erik said...

Zach: Give us some thoughts on the Browns coaching search. I thought this was going to be kind of a narrow coaching search, but a lot of guys are emerging from the woodwork.

I'm intrigued by Holmgren's level of interest in Pat Shurmur. Maybe he knows something about Shurmur's potential that we don't.


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