Thursday, October 07, 2010

Browns 23, Bengals 20
The Browns probably won't win many games this season. But at this point, I'll settle for some division victories and some Cincinnati Humble Pie (but please, Reds, win).

It wasn't pretty, but the Browns aren't capable of winning pretty. Most teams in the NFL are better than Cleveland. To beat most teams, the Browns will need to ugly it up, capitalize on mistakes, and plow with a strong running game.

Peyton Hillis is not Jim Brown. He may not even be Leroy Hoard. But he's effective enough, and he'll hit people. T.J Ward isn't exactly polished, and he deserved to be penalized for his hit Sunday. But I'd like to see the announcers who came down hard on him do the same to Hines Ward or Ray Lewis. Both make hits like that consistently.

Seneca Wallace isn't a starter, but he was effective enough on Sunday to win. Matt Roth isn't a superstar, but he has established himself as someone who can be counted on to make plays.

The Browns will steal some games this year, and they shouldn't have to apoligize for that. Bad teams have to win ugly. The Bengals offense tore the Cleveland D to shreds in the second half. But the Browns found a way, giving hope that maybe, just maybe, the Browns can finish.

That was a good thing to see.