Monday, May 31, 2004

Edmund Fitzgerald
On the way back to Kenton this evening, I popped in my Gordon Lightfoot Greatest Hits, and came accross The Wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald. It's a great song, but I get the feeling (I can't speak for everyone, but for me) that the song may be better known than the event itself.
There is however, an excellent site about the tragedy, one that is well worth reading. Check it out here.
What is interesting is how many of the victims were from Ohio. There was one member of the crew who graduated from North Olmsted High School (My high school).
And all that remains are the faces and the names of the wives and the sons and the daughters.

Finding the Beauty
-There is no number of thank you's that could be said to our nation's current and former military members. I always think of it in the terms of someone making the ultimate sacrifice to protect me, my family, my generation. In that sense, I could say thank you every moment of every day for the next 80 years and never even come close to the type of appreciation that is deserved by those who have passed on serving our country, and those who continue to serve.
Thank you.
-It's a two and a half hour drive from North Olmsted to Kenton, and in the drive, I was overcome as I passed a stack of clouds, covered in silver beauty. Moments afterwards, the sun came out and the clouds moved away, only to act as a prelude to a rain shower--while the sun shined brightly.
Later I saw a rainbow.
All in an ordinary trip home. In my own personal opinion, God must exist.

Song quote of the day
From the mountains
to the prairies
to the oceans
white with foam
God Bless America
My home sweet home
God bless America
my home sweet home--Various

Sunday, May 30, 2004

Song quote of the day
I was living in Montague Street
a basement down the stairs
there was music in the cafes at night
And revolution in the air.--Bob Dylan

Matt S(I)ussman hits it big
Whenever I talk about brushes with the bigtime publishings, I may bring up a few things, such as getting a letter mentioned in Terry Pluto's newsletters. But Matt Sussman has out done me by getting a letter in Sports Illustrated. Congratulations to him.

The Mystery of John Macdonald
I'd like someone, at some point, in some way, to explain to me exactly what John Macdonald adds to the Indians' roster.
Coming into Sunday's game, he has had 24 at-bats, and gotten three hits. Thatis a .125 batting average.
Now, I don't see how anyone can argue defense, considering that all of the Indians infielders are known for being good defensive players.
Lou Merloni has been the Indians infielder of coice in case of injury, so WHY is John still there?
He's a nice guy, an Indian, fine. But Ricky Gutierrez was much more servicable, and they dealt him.

Into the mystic
-Went to the Indians game last night, after getting back into Cleveland in the early afternoon yesterday. The Tribe won, despite a combined 93 walks in the game. It was the first time I had been to Jacobs Field since last Summer, and enjoyed the contest, which was won by Cleveland.
-I remember back five years ago when you had to fight for seats, but now, getting one is about as easy as finding roadkill in Hardin County.

Saturday, May 29, 2004

Happy Birthday
To my mom, who celebrated Friday. To one of my favorite people in the world.

Friday, May 28, 2004

-I went 15 miles over the limit today and (justifiably so) was stopped and given a ticket. My first one in six years of driving. OK, really more like six months of REAL driving, but technically it's true.
-Indians and Reds won tonight, and good for them.
-Van Morrison's 2002 Down the Road album is growing on me more and more. Van is a genius.

Song quote of the day
Take my license, all that jive
I can't drive
55!--Sammy Haggar

Thursday, May 27, 2004

Song quote of the day
We gotta get to a higher place and I hope we all arrive together
We gotta get to a higher place if we want to survive the waves--Tom Petty

Ragging on Michael Moore
I am not a big Michael Moore fan (no, really) so I figured I would post, from memory, a joke on The Simpsons about him, in honor of his winning a film award in France.I may be a little sloppy with my transcript, but no more sloppy than Moore with his facts.

Kent Brockman: And in other news, filmmaker and general buffoon Michael Moore has come to Springfield to join the student strike at Springfield elementary.

Michael Moore: Studies have shown that student's with poor educations are 80 percent more likely to end up unemployed, and 50 percent more likely to end up in one of my films.

Kent Brockman:Where did you get THAT statistic?

Michael Moore: YOUR MOTHER!!!!

It's funny because it's true.

Al Gore
At what point did Al Gore go insane?

Jostling for position
-One year ago I was so excited about the NBA draft lottery. Now it has come and gone and I was none the wiser. Cavs pick 10 this year, but with talent involved in this one, I am uncertain it makes a whole lot of difference.
-Has anyone ever heard of a restaurant called "Cheddars"? I ate there last night in Findlay with my father, and came away very impressed with the salmon. What I'm not sure is if it's a national chain.

Today I am going to write about terrorism, and the recent alerts. Despite all of this, I still believe the most likely place for terror is not on this continent, but rather in Greece during the Summer games. I am deeply concerned about security over there, particularly after seeing Bryant Gumble's piece on it on HBO. The Greeks are rushing to finish their stadium (and their roofless pool arena) in time for August.
In the Bush administration, one of the members I tend to be hard on is John Ashcroft, mainly because of his overly strong religious views, and the way they have slipped into some of his comments.
But I will say this for him: He is keeping us posted, and that is a big part of prevention. I may not agree with some of his statements, but with briefings like yesterday's, people will be keeping an eye out.
Greece does not appear ready at all. Recent articles have commented on the lack of security at the buildings, and other oversites that are occurring there. They are in such a rush to finish in time, you have to wonder about their security.
The threat there may not be just from Islamic groups, but from Greek Anarchist groups as well.
There are few stages bigger than the olympics, and I hope Greece, and the international community, are prepared come August.
Lets all hope.
Here's an article about the security concerns in Athens.

Wednesday, May 26, 2004

If you didn't read it here ...
Read it at 210 West, that is my column on life after college. Look for the Cat Stevens reference, both in the title and story.

Song Quote of the day
Good morning America how are ya,
Don't you know me, I'm your favorite son,
On the train they call the city of New Orleans,
I'll be gone 500 miles when the day is done--Arlo Guthrie

Tuesday, May 25, 2004

Say What?

Indians' analyst Rick Manning commented during third baseman Casey Blake's at-bat in the first inning that "He doesn't look like Casey Blake lately."
Now, I thought this meant Casey was hitting like a madman and playing like an all star, but apparently he has been in a slump.
Ah well.
As soon as I write this degrading post, he homers.

Two weeks Notice

My friend and fellow musician Danny O'Brien has returned after a two week hiatus from blogging.
Welcome back Danny. We missed you, and I was running out of things to read, so thank goodness you're back.

Trying Times
Because of a school bored meeting, I missed the president's speech last night. In my most optimistic moments, I believe that he is right, and that a free Iraq is possible and will help stabalize the region.
In my most pessimistic moments, I think like Dick Morris, who has encouraged the administration (via his column) to abandon the idea of a free Iraq in favor of political survival.
I guess my question to my friends who support the president fervently on the war in Iraq is this: Is a free Iraq more important than four more years of Bush as President?
No matter how positive things may end up in Iraq, progress may not be enough for the President to overcome come November. His dedication to Iraq's freedom may cost him the White House.
I'm sure my liberal friends would be happy to see Bush go regardless, but to my conservative friends, I pose the question.
Dick Morris seems to believe instability in Iraq will be a major strike against the president.
Looking at recent polls, in which only 44% of Americans say the war was worth it, there may be some truth to that argument.

Monday, May 24, 2004

Nine times out of 10
I have been to 10 school bored meetings, and usually they are dull, but tonight could be exciting, and why? Because I have a DETAILED AGENDA. It makes a huge difference.
Oh, and message to all school bored presidents out there. More info, less thinking=better articles. The more I have to comprehend and analyze, the worse I do at meetings.
Now baseball games are different.
Still ...

A&E depressing TV

You know, I have always kind of wondered how many people actually do call off their weddings at the last minute. I mean, sure, it happens all the time in Julia Roberts and John Cusack movies, but in reality ...well, this suspicion caused me to watch a show on Runaway Brides and Grooms on A&E last night.
Wow, was that ever depressing.
Because see, unlike in Serendipty and the worst movie ever (Runway Bride), theses situations rarely have a happy ending. Lives are destroyed, money is lost, and sadness ensues.
I always kind of figured that eventually I would be the victim of a runaway bride. She would wake up in the morning and say. "Wait, I'm Marrying THIS GUY?" and run off.
But until last night, I always figured that I would have some kind of "John Cusack movie ending."
I was kind of looking forward to it actually.
But now ...
Thanks A&E.

-There is very little that annoys me more than the hot humid days which have become a staple in Hardin County over the past two weeks.
The weather seems to, among other things, have increased the pollen in the air, making me sneeze even more than usual.
Worse, my sneezes are affecting my speech patterns, making me sound like I had five hard drinks last night before bed. I think we need a cold front to help this problem, and hopefully one will be on the horizon soon.
So yes, I DO talk about the weather occasionally.
-Hey the Indians got swept by the best double-A team in baseball, the Devil Rays. It's times like these that my cynicism over the Indians rebuilding does not seem quite so misguided does it?

Song quote of the day
A good love
is like a good song
it grows on you
till it's so strong.
It never leaves you
it never goes wrong
you know a good love is like a good song--BW Stephenson

Sunday, May 23, 2004

More shameless plugging of my friends' sites
Mike Metzger, a former cohort at the BG News has a site, which was among other things, the first place I found out that the BG women's softball team, a team I covered not more than 13 months ago, won the MAC title.
Mike also has some interesting top ten lists, relating to my former place of ... well, everything really. Check it out here.

Saturday, May 22, 2004

Wedge is an idiot
At what point did Indians' manager Eric Wedge say "You know what, the bullpen can do a better job of finishing this game than my starter."? The only thing more annoying than Wedge's reliance on the bullpen from hell is the commentary of Matt Underwood, who treats his job more like a public relations assignment.

Song Quote of the day
Everybody's needs a place to rest
Everybody needs to have a home
Don't make no difference what nobody says
Ain't nobody like to be alone-Bruce Springsteen

Friday, May 21, 2004

The Humor of the BG News finds a home on the net
There were a great deal of people who tried to be funny in their columns in the BG News when I worked there. Matt Sussman is one of the few who actually was funny. Now, Mr. Sussman has a place in blog-land, and it has Vitamin Z approval.
Matt, like me, is a big Mysty (Mystery Science Theater Fan), and that ALONE will get you a spot on my links page. But his site is funny and informative, so check it out here .

Song quote of the day
When the rain comes they run and hide their heads
You might as well be dead
when the rain comes
when the rain comes--The Beatles

Top five rejected John Kerry Presidential Slogans

I write this merely for co-worker (and Kerry supporter) Dan Robinson.
1. Yes for Kerry in 2004 means no Hillary in 2008
2. Kerry: Anonymous foreign leaders agree
3. Just like Clinton, without the charisma, likeablity and charm
4. Kerry: A political standard as long as his face
5. Kerry: I can't believe he's not a Kennedy

Vitamin Z's Top Five books
1. Canary Row
2. To Kill a Mockingbird
3. Animal Farm
4. Huckleberry Finn
5. Less than Zero

Thursday, May 20, 2004

Song Quote of the day
Old man take a look at my life I'm a lot like you,
I need someone to love me the whole day through
Just one look in my eyes and you can tell it's true--Neil Young

Congratulations to friend David Schrag, who has accepted a job at the Lorain Morning Journal. I have known Dave for almost five years now, and we are both products of the BGSU journalism program.
I wish Dave the best of luck, and hope he enjoys Lorain.

Phone conversations

Kara: I met a guy that reminds me of you.

Zach: Really?

Kara: Yeah, he's a sports editor, and he's really clumsy.

Wednesday, May 19, 2004

Back from the dead

I for one am not buying this. But Kauffman would probably dig it. I kinda do too, actually.


Ever been to Spencerville Ohio? Twice in two days? Ada High School won their softball game, and will advance to play a game against Marion at Wapakoneta tomorrow. Chuck Soder should be proud.
As far as I can figure, the only thing that exists in Spencerville is a high school and cows. Lots and lots of cows.
Did I mention the cows.
Watching the Cubs. Shawon Dunston is TRYING to sing take me out to the ballgame. Trying. I loved Shawon as a player, but as a singer ...

Cans and can'ts
Read an interesting article by Dick Morris in my paper yesterday. I always feel strange reading him, because while I feel like my political views are very close to his, I do have to question his judgement. Why?
Maybe it has something to do with that hooker scandal in 1996.
But anyway, he said that it's important for Bush to win in 2004, and for that reason, America should consider abandoning the idea of a democratic Iraq, instead letting the Iraqi's controll Iraq in the way they see fit, and America should only step in if the Baathists take power.
Interesting to think about.
I don't think it will happen though.

Tuesday, May 18, 2004

Vitamin Z's top 10 Movies
1. The Godfather
2. The Graduate
3. The Godfather Part II
4. Mash
5. L.A Story
6. Animal House
7. Blazing Saddles
8. When Harry met Sally (shut up)
9. Naked Gun 2 1/2
10.Shawshank Redemption

What? You expected something profound?

My Dad will probably call at some point, wondering where "Caddy Shack" is.

Vitamin Z's top 10 albums
Personal favorites here. It's in the taste.
1. Sgt Peppers--The Beatles
2. Moondance--Van Morrison
3. Blood on the Tracks--Bob Dylan
4. Hunky Dory--David Bowie
5. Imagine- John Lennon
6. Rumours-Fleetwood Mac
7. Honky Chateau-Elton John
8. Never Die Young--James Taylor
9. Rocky Mountain High-John Denver
10. Abbey Road--The Beatles

Song quote of the day
I don't need to hold you
or taste your kiss
I just like knowing, Cynthia
that you exist.--Bruce Springsteen

Tony Randall dead
The former Odd Couple performer has passed away at the age of 84. May he rest in peace.

Monday, May 17, 2004

The Banker never wears a MAC

It just poured on the way to Dunkirk. Then the game was canceled. Bored meeting at seven, film at 11.


Two sites,one story two totally different headlines. Look at this and this.

Song quote of the day
He's a real nowhere man
sitting in his nowhere land
making all his nowhere plans
for nobody--The Beatles

"America Afire"
After reading the book on our founding fathers, I have started to form the following conclusions:
Hamilton- Brilliant, but lacking just about any form of moral character. It surprises me not that he died via a duel, but rather that it took so long for someone to kill him.

Adams- A true patriot and thoughtful man. I think he understood and had better forsight than just about anyone in the group. I am a huge admirer of him.

Thomas Jefferson- Wow, what a contradicting hypocritical person. He backstabbed everyone on his way to the top, his one saving grace being that he could write, and thus fool everyone into thinking he was smart. (Hey, I fit that description, but I'm not in the history books.) Has more scandals surrounding him than anyone I have read about.
More later

Sunday, May 16, 2004

Song quote of the day
Knock Knock on the door
who's it for
there's nobody in here
look in the mirror my friend--Dave Matthews Band

The people were really accomadating at Ohio State, and were very helpful with everything I needed. The stadium is AAA level, and it's a mystery to me why the Clippers don't play games there.
One thing I didn't like? Well, probably the major league prices. The price of a coke and a hot dog would make the organizers of Woodstock '99 blush.
I mean, I am all for the capitalist supply and demand system, but the cost of unneeded meat at that stadium is out of hand. And the hot dog was BURNED!!!!
To quote Walter Mathau in Charade, "It's enough to turn you into a vegetarian isn't it?"

Saturday, May 15, 2004

Vitamin Z vs. Finding Fidel
Many people have been critical of Oliver Stone, and I think rightfully so in many cases. No one can ever really doubt his ability as a director, but sometimes he politizes his subjects, which often are non-fictional.
JFK is an obvious example, as he twisted facts and fiction into a hybrid of truth, shaky evidence and outright storytelling--into a picture that some treated as if it was historical fact.
Stone was under fire recently for a documentary he did about Fidel Castro, called Comandante which was criticized as a glorified fluff piece of Cuban dictator Fidel Castro.
Stone had a response for his critics with a followup, the remarkable Finding Fidel, in which he drops all politeness and drills this horrible horrible man (editorializing on my part) with hard questions regarding human rights, trials of Cubans, and the future of leadership in Cuba.
Why is it remarkable?
Because the director, who according to, is a friend and admirer of the dictator, does not dance around. He asks why hijackers were immediatly put to trial, convicted and executed within a matter of weeks in 2003. He asks why Castro hasn't groomed a successor.
He asks the questions anyone would want to ask the Bearded one, but behind bullet-proof glass. Stone does it a mere inches away.
The man has guts.
Then he asks a number of prisoners questions about why they commited crimes--with Fidel watching. Surprisingly, none blame the dictator, but rather difficult economic times brought on by the Americans. Fidel then talks with them and asks them what their punishments should be. None of the prisoners say anything less than 30 years. None got any less than 30 years.
Fidel comes off badly in the interview, for obvious reasons. He claims Cuba belongs to the people, but Stone--and the audience, remain unconvinced.
Powerful and strong, I applaud Stone. This is a film everyone should see. They get into much more than I could get into here, and it is gripping from beginning to end.
Castro looked surprised Stone was so hard on him.
So was I, and I'd thank him for that.

Vitamin Z vs. The Rundown
This evening I rented "The Rundown" with the Rock and Stiffler--err--Sean William Scott. I have to admit to never being that big of a fan of action films, since if you've seen one, you have pretty much seen them all.
But this one is a little different, with a strange sense of humor, and a cast of characters that don't take themselves too seriously.
The plot isn't much, but the action scenes are fun, and there is a great deal more intelligence in the humor than usually seen.
Of course, I have been a big Rock fan since he was a member of the Nation of Domination in the WWF in 1997. Still, this is the first movie I have seen him in, and he did a pretty good job. Christopher Walken steals the film (as usual) and this is certainly one that is worth seeing.
Oh and one more thing: You should see this movie for the first two minutes, when a certain California politician walks by the Rock and says "Have fun." The look on the Rock's face, and the way the scene is underplayed--make the film a must see.
The terminator may be passing the torch.

Ricky Williams and the stupid defense.

I post this simply to show the stupid excuse Williams is using to beat a positive drug test. Remember kids, when you make a mistake, never own up to it, even if you have to make up the stupidest, intelligence-insulting lie you can think of.

Friday, May 14, 2004

Song quote of the day
Did she make you cry
make you break down
shatter you're illusions of love
now tell me is it over now
do you know how
to pick up the pieces and go home--Fleetwood Mac

Thursday, May 13, 2004

Song quote of the day
Hey baby
there's something in your eyes trying to save me
but I'm gonna be all right
If I believe in you
That's all I want to do--Tom Petty

Childhood living: A column exclusive for the Vitamin Z readers

Living on your own can produce some interesting decisions. Three months into my new job, living on my own, and in many ways my life does not even closely resemble the one I enjoyed five months ago.
I have discovered many new things though, basically in an attempt to keep things interesting. In an attempt to find normalcy, I have also had to make a few changes in my day to day life:
Eating: In college, I relied on school food and fast food to survive. Somewhat surprisingly, I am still alive.
Now, I have no meal plan and I don’t cook. So basically, Totino’s frozen Pizza stock has doubled because of me. I live by a simple Creed: If it’s cheap and if it’s frozen, it’s a meal that I have chosen.
(Did I mention I have become even more lame since leaving college?)
Sleeping: In college, sleep was something you did in the middle of the morning, while sleeping through a psychology lecture. In the real world, it’s something you do just after 9 p.m. When you work at an afternoon paper, you have to get up around five in the morning. I didn’t even know there WAS a 5 a.m. until three months ago.
Entertainment: There are no record stores in the town that I live in, and the nearest Best Buy is 45 minutes away. Now, instead of shopping at the Super K down the street (where all the middle schoolers hang out), I do most of my entertainment shopping on Amazon.
I think it’s almost too easy. I have stuff showing up in my mailbox I don’t even remember ordering. This creates an almost Christmas-like Euphoria for me.
I go stumbling down the steps screaming “WHAT DID I GET? WHAT DID I GET?”
Neighbors: The hot drunk girl with a pierced naval in college has been replaced by a sea of characters. One day, a woman in her 40s screamed obsenities at me for coming up my steps too loud.
I nearly replied “It’s not even quiet hours!,” before remembering where I was. Seemingly, this Janet Reno-esque woman has taken it upon herself to act as the RA for the apartment. Which is fine, except that her screaming seemed to contradict her point. She ticked me off, but I did relish the thought that it’s good to not be her.
Thing is, you still get reprimanded, just as you would in the dorms, but it’s from the other tenants. My friend (up to visit from Cleveland) had a note on his car accusing him of being reckless and drunk, just because he didn’t park well.
Suddenly, getting a knock on the door for playing my music too loud (as it happened in college) doesn’t seem so bad.
Then there’s the job, but it’s writing, so I like it. Writing has become a sort of salvation of me, in the midst of all these changes that have occurred.
I’d say that life gets different when you leave, but I’m sure we all know that.
Maybe the world really is as wild as Cat Stevens said.
Or maybe I am just an unreasonable man living in unreasonable times.
And it’s only been three months.

Wednesday, May 12, 2004


-And, on May 12, the Indians are done with the Red Sox for the season. We are not yet 1/4 through the season, and we're done. Great work Mr. Selig.

-Man I am tired. Anyone ever been to Urbana? Not exactly Paris. But the people are more polite.

I will be in Columbus this weekend on assignment. Looks like a good excuse to travel out of Hardin County for a day or so, and get a beat on the rest of the state. Confidence is high. Repeat, confidence is high.

Song quote of the day.
I'd wait for 1000 years,
if she'd come back to me,
I am everything she wants
and nothing that she needs
I want her to be happy
I want her to be free
I want her to be everything
she couldn't be with me--Warron Zevon

Tuesday, May 11, 2004


Joe Lieberman remains one of my favorites. I didn't like him so much in 2000, when he ran with Al Gore, because I felt he compromised on some issues to better fit the platform that Gore was running on.
The fact is that Lieberman has stood by what he has believed in ever since, defending on many occasions the administration he was running against. That will always earn you points in my book, the ability to break party lines and stick to your beliefs.
Hey, and if the Democrats are so keen on John McCain as a running mate for John Kerry, why doesn't the Bush administration pull a pre-emptive decision and make Lieberman VP? It makes as much, if not more sense, than McCain with Kerry.
I doubt Joe would ever do it, but I wish he would. We need more people like him in Washington.
Besides, Bush could use some Joe-mentum.
Lieberman is closer to Bush than John Kerry anyway.
Just a thought.
Danny has a good post that brought this on.
Oh, and Dick Cheney has to go. For the good of the 2008 election, he HAS to step aside. And, if Bush does it soon, he will help to knock off any momentum Kerry will get when he selects his running mate.
If I were John Kerry (Thank God that isn't true.)I would select John Edwards as my partner. I don't think he can carry the south without a southerner on the ticket, and Edwards is as good of a candidate for that as any.
Not that I am a campaign advisor. I just steal the speeches.

Song quote of the day
We'll meet again
don't know where
Don't know when
but I know we'll meet again some sunny day--Various

Monday, May 10, 2004

Remembering the anonymous
My latest 210 west column, on those who have fallen in battle, can be found here.

Congratulations, Class of 2004
Good Luck and keep in touch:
David Schrag
Joel Hammond
Andrew Scharf
Steve Flachbart
Lisa Hockersmith
Scott Russell
Erik Bell
Kevin Wernert
Matt Hoffner
Andrea Wilhelm
David Yoder
and of course, my brother and future best man (HA! Along with Vivek of course): Curtis Baker
-I left a few names off probably, but you all have been good friends, and I hope that time will not shake our bonds.
Best of luck, congrats

Kucinich in culture

Zach: Why do you have to wear a tie?

Curtis: Everybody's doing it.

Zach:If everyone voted for Dennis Kucinich, would you do it to?

Curtis: Not the time Zach.

Song quote of the day
Came out of my dream last night
thought I was back in my old home
grandparents were both still alive and the baby's not yet born no,
felt like a festival and it felt like Christmas morning,
felt the darkness fall away
even as the world was turning--James Taylor

Sunday, May 09, 2004

James Taylor and Nancy Reagan

Is there anything cooler than James Taylor (one ofmy favorite singers) and Nancy Reagan (the wife of one of my favorite presidents) sharing a hug and polite kiss at a baquet? Political opposites working together for a common goal.
Of course,I really don't know enough about stem cell and embryo research to have an opinion. But still, it's a nice IDEA to have them in the same place. Check out the story here.

Song quote of the day
Have I told you lately that I love you
Have I told you there's no one above you,
filled my heart with gladness,
take away all my sadness
ease my troubles that's what you do--Van Morrison
Happy Mother's Day mom.

Miami Grad
Well, my brother will walk that aisle, and get his fake diploma today. Yesterday was a two hour ceremony, and it was HOT.
Anyway, congratulations to Curtis. He has made us all proud.

Friday, May 07, 2004

Off to Miami
Curtis is graduating, and I am running late, so catch you later!

Thursday, May 06, 2004

Kenton is Not in first place, surprisingly
Check this out.

Kenton is Not in first place, surprisingly
Check this out.

For the record, I am not in favor of Dennis Kucinich. No, not just not in favor, I am EMBERASSED by him. He's not even from this planet. All of this is ok if you're Cyndi Lauper or something, but this guy is a representative. That whole "moon dust" thing or whatever he's into ... yeah.
And there is a REASON that the Hollywood types like this guy so much ....because he represents them. I can't stop him anymore, because I live in Hardin County.
But my support remains with Ed Herman. My heart in many ways remains in Cuyahoga county, and he irritates me. He's like a political version of the band Poison. No matter how hard you try, or no matter how many times you've rid yourself of it, it keeps coming back.
Herman in November.

Friends and Friends of Friends

-Personally, I think Rachel belongs with GUNTHER. Haven't watched an episode this season and won't watch the finale. The show died for me as soon as I found out Ross was probably going to end up with Rachel.

-I may watch Friends, but it will be my SEASON 4 DVD. The best season ever. I am so pathetic sometimes.

-Off to another in an endless scene of cigarettes and magazines. OK, maybe not the cigarettes. Or the magazines. Actually, a softball game.

-I'm up for the firing of Donald Rumsfeld. Bush HAS to do this, in my opinion. I think it's morally the right thing, especially if Rumsfeld had an idea about what was going on. It has to be done. Even as a Republican, I think Rumsfeld has to go.

Wednesday, May 05, 2004

In Memory
-Today I attended the funeral of former Kenton Times sports editor Thad Gardner. He visited a few times while I was working at the paper, and I saw him a few times at games, but unfortunately, I did not get the opportunity to really get to know him the way others at the paper did.
It seems like I really missed out on something.
Gardner has been synonymous with Kenton Times sports coverage for decades, and the four speakers at his funeral, as well as the stories that were told afterwards, perfectly illustrated why.
As my friend Dan Robinson said, "He was one in a million."
It was nice to see so many former workers at the Times re-unite, as there were many smiles and hugs to go around.
It's almost too bad it takes something like a funeral to make that happen, but it was still wonderful to see.
Thad touched a lot of people. While I didn't get the chance to really know him, after today I feel like I did.
Rest in Peace.

Song quote of the day
You can't always get what you want
But if you try sometimes
You just might find
You get what you need--The Rolling Stones

Tuesday, May 04, 2004

BG in the back of the mind
Thanks to those (I don't know WHO, or HOW MANY) who sang Happy Birthday to me over my cell phone. I wish I could have answered, but I was gone by about 9 p.m. (IE, Fast asleep) I miss BG, and those people at the news are the biggest reason why.

This week has by far been the busiest since I started working at the Times, but there's a good reason for it. The result is a general exhaustion. I am not complaining, it's just that I feel a little like Bob Dylan, which leads me to the ...
Song quote of the day

I was burned out from exhaustion
I was buried in the hell
poisoned in the bushes
brought out on the trail
Just to think it all began on an uneventful Morn
Come in she said I'll give you
Shelter from the storm--Bob Dylan

Monday, May 03, 2004

Monday Blue
One day down ... four to go. Let's make each day better than the last shall we? I mean, I don't know who's idea it was to have Mondays, but ... although I suppose that another day would occur to take its place. I mean, imagine if, at the beginning of time, Friday's were Mondays and vise versa.
I mean, just think about it ... what would this have done to Full House scheduling?
-Michael Jackson is one sick dude. Just saying.
-Vivek took off today ... My best friend sure made my brithday a good one. Although if he insisted that I play John Prine's "Paridise" on my guitar once more, I may have gone Pete Townsend on his head. (The guitar smashing part.)
-Many many days are ahead, and the best days are ahead.

Check out Danny's post on the alleged brutality against Iraqi prisonors. I think he's right on.
Things like this are counterproductive to any progress that could be made there. It further paints an image of heartless coalition imperialists, rather than liberators.
Even those against the war could still say, "Well, they're better off now ..." Things like this hurt that argument as well.

Sunday, May 02, 2004

Bday thoughts

This is a little weird post, but I want to say thank you to everyone who sent me birthday wishes today. It has meant a great deal to me.
Today, I have had the most hits since starting the site. Maybe I should have a birthday every day.
I have a lot to be thankful for, and it's days like this that remind me of that.

Dating for the 21st Century

Vivek: What do you have to lose if you ask a girl out? I mean, except for your dignity?

Zach: I think I may have waved goodbye to that long ago.

Vivek: Exactly.

Song Quote of the day II
I will raise my hand up into the nightime sky
Count the stars that shine in your eyes
I'll be satisfied not to read between the lines
And I will never never grow so OLD again.
Whoa sweet thing--Van Morrison

Song Quote of the day:
I was headed for a fall
till I looked up and saw the writing on the wall
it don't matter where I roam
I will find my way back home
I will find my sanctuary in the lord.
Like a full forced gale
I was lifted up again
I was lifted up again by the lord--Van Morrison

24 Things you know

In honor of my 24th birthday, I am posting the 24 things I have learned on each birthday--

1. Mom solves everything, have problem, call mom.
2. It's great that I have a little brother and all, but he's so stealing my thunder.
3. When I grow up, I want to be a garbage man.
4. When I grow up, I really want to work with a front-end loader. (the construction)
5. Wait a minute, I thought I was supposed to grow four feet when I reached five ... Everyone said I was a grown up.
6. Boy the professional teams I follow really suck.
7. Boy, John Elway stopped the Browns last year with the drive, but he'll never be able to break our hearts again ... Also, Mr. Mister is awesome, they'll NEVER go out of style!!!
8. And I was wrong ... on both counts
9. If there was a gold glove for first base in recess kickball, I would win it.
10. My Grandpa Capek is a great, loving man.
11. Kentucky Headhunters album for a gift! Rock on!
12. Wow, I was president of student council in fifth grade! My popularity will SKYROCKET in junior high! I will be the coolest 4-6 glasses wearing spikey haired know-it-all they have ever seen.
13. Junior High SUCKS! I want to go back to elementary school.
14. Mom solves everything ... have a problem, call mom.
15. SO CLOSE to getting out of this hell hole of a school.
16. I am so cool, I don't NEED my drivers license.
17. My hair looks good now, but imagine what it would look like three times LONGER! I'd be awesome looking.
18. I know everything.
19. Maybe I shouldn't be 19 and in high school. I don't know.
20. Mom solves everything ... have a problem, call mom.
21. What an awesome bar crawl! Juice bar crawl!
22. All this time I have had weird hair and didn't even know it.
23. I am SO not ready for the real world.
24. I am very lucky to have the family and friends that I do. I'm just lucky, the luckiest guy in the world.

Saturday, May 01, 2004

Irony can be so Ironic

You know, I usually don't laugh at other people's pain (OK, sometimes I do) but this cracked me up. I hope he's ok, but still ...

Song quote of the day
It stoned me to my soul
stoned me just like going home
and it stoned me--Van Morrison

Saturday ... Saturday, Saturday
It's chilly in Kenton, but Vivek is here, so it's all good. I think we will need to go pizza tonight.
I am turning 24 tomorrow.
Indians won.