Friday, April 30, 2004

Conservatism and Z
It was nice to be at the meeting yesterday. It really wasn't a localized call--the Vice President was talking to over 5,000 parties. He didn't really say anything new, and since he was talking to a crowd of supporters, I think the odds for controversey weren't great to begin with.
Some of Cheney's thoughts:
--The June 30 deadline is firm.
--Most of the media is bad, Fox News is good
--It's important to preserve the cowboy way of life (don't ask)
--Grass roots support is improtant to the election, every vote counts.

OK, yeah, not a whole lot there for my writing that hasn't been said before. Everyone in the room looked at me when the Vice President was asked about media coverage. I just smiled back.
I agree with Danny O'Brien though, I think they need to move back that transition date.
Anyway, off to the paper.

Song quote of the day:
I went down hard
Like Billy the Kid
I went down hard
Oh but I got up again.--Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers

Thursday, April 29, 2004

Off into the unknown
-Off to listen to a conference call with the Vice President. I am kind of excited. I probably won't get to interview him, but I'm holding out hope that I'll get to ask a question. Dan told me not to wreck any cars while I was out there. The call starts at eight, and I'll have a pen, paper AND my recorder. You don't want to misquote the VP. You don't want to misquote ANYONE, but you know what I mean.

Song quote of the day
I'm still standing better than I ever did
Feeling like a true survivor
Feeling like a little kid
I'm still standing after all this time
Picking up the pieces of my life without you on my mind
I'm still standing--Elton John

Lyndon Arden stole the Highlights
I believe the title is Looking for Fidel, not Finding Fidel, as I wrote yesterday.
I am going to the Republican dinner tonight in Hardin County, where they will receive a phone call from the VP, Dick Cheney. I attend not as a member, but as a writer, so my basic job will be to report what occurs. (That's generally how it works).

My Aunt
Have I mentioned that my Aunt Marilyn is a wonderful human being, one of the best people I have ever known, and that I am honored to be in the same family? Cause I think I should.
Thanks, I love you.

Wednesday, April 28, 2004

Beg, Borrow and Steal
-Milton Bradley had some very positive things to say about the Indians organization here. I couldn't agree more with the phrase "sinking ship." Amen brother.

-I have to give props to Oliver Stone for his documentary, Finding Fidel. While one can be easily critical of some of his work (JFK is a prime example, with facts re-arranged to fit his view of what happened) he pulls no punches with America's Favorite Murderous Dictator in an interview, to the point of making Fidel angry, . I have always been amused by some's tolerance for Castro. What was Jimmy Carter doing there, shaking hands with this murderous, oppressing man? I think I will write a full review of the film once I have completed it.
By the way, my criticism is non-partisan here. I am equally troubled to see any politician all smiles with any leader with such a poor human rights record. I remember cringing seeing George W. Bush all smiles at his ranch with the Chinese leader. I understand we can't fight everyone, but it's the appearance that irritates me the most, and so many, on both sides, are guilty of this.
But the film is really good so far. I know if I was in the same room with a man as dangerous as Castro, I may not be so candid.

Amusing day
While driving to Ben Logan to cover softball, I turned on the Indians game, and heard that they held an 8-4 lead going into the ninth inning.
"My," I thought, "Not even the Indians makeshift, pathetic, worthless, sad, overhyped, general-manager sucktitude exposing bullpen can blow this one."
But never doubt the Indians bullpen. I went into my workplace to retrieve a camera, and by the time of my return, a mere four minutes later, the game was 8-6.
"Wow, they will make it close, but they won't be able to blow it," I thought to myself.
Wrong again. As I sat there silently, the White Sox capitalized on a dropped ball by Ben Broussard, and Sandy Alomar, who hasn't hit a ball out of the infield in two years, hit a sacrifice fly to give Chicago the win.
I diplomatically and silently collected my thoughts for a minute. In years past, I may have crashed my car in anger, but now, I threw my head back (while still watching the road) and laughed.
And that is what the Dolan years have done to my once unbreakable bond with my baseball team.

Song quote of the day
And daddy won't you take me back to Mullenberg County
down by the green river where paradise lay
well I'm sorry my son, but you're too late in asking
Mr. Peabody's coal train has hauled it away--John Prine

Tuesday, April 27, 2004

In election news ...

Wake me up when the conventions get here.
I have long been saying that this race has started way too early. It has gotten to the point where I will switch the station if I see election news and poll results.
Time has convinced me of two things:
1. The poll results are meaningless until a few weeks before the debates
2. Whatever is being debated in April will likely be forgotten come July, let alone November.

I do like politics. I am certainly tilted to the right in my views, but at this point, I just need a vacation. Some people eat and sleep politics. My brother is becoming one of these. It hit me when I was socializing with him a few months ago and he said :" Hey, let's watch the news."
I flatly declined, and I work at a newspaper. I just couldn't stand to hear another rehearsed speech, another smiling face for the camera.
I wonder about the money being spent on campaigns from both parties. I wonder how the money could be better used. Idealism and unrealistic thoughts, I know.
(Wow, three straight "I"s to start a paragraph. Somewhere, my ninth grade English teacher is waking up from a bad dream.)
We may not have conservative or liberal voters come November. We may not have fully-decided voters. What we may have, is exhausted voters.

In election news ...

Wake me up when the conventions get here.
I have long been saying that this race has started way too early. It has gotten to the point where I will switch the station if I see election news and poll results.
Time has convinced me of two things:
1. The poll results are meaningless until a few weeks before the debates
2. Whatever is being debated in April will likely be forgotten come July, let alone November.

I do like politics. I am certainly tilted to the right in my views, but at this point, I just need a vacation. Some people eat and sleep politics. My brother is becoming one of these. It hit me when I was socializing with him a few months ago and he said :" Hey, let's watch the news."
I flatly declined, and I work at a newspaper. I just couldn't stand to hear another rehearsed speech, another smiling face for the camera.
I wonder about the money being spent on campaigns from both parties. I wonder how the money could be better used. Idealism and unrealistic thoughts, I know.
(Wow, three straight "I"s to start a paragraph. Somewhere, my ninth grade english teacher is waking up from a bad dream.)
We may not have conservative or liberal voters come November. We may not have fully-decided voters. What we may have, is exhausted voters.

jazzed up
Off to Riverdale tonight to cover Track. Today was a productive one, as I interviewed the former offensive line coach of Findlay, now the head coach at Ridgemont. He coached Ben Roethlisberger and knew him well at Findlay.
I love doing interviews like that.

Song quote of the day
Do me wrong
do me right
tell me lies but hold me tight
save your goodbyes for the morninglight
but don't let me be lonely tonight.--James Taylor

Thoughts on history
According to a current book I am reading on the 1790s in America, I have made the following conclusions about our founding fathers:
Washington: Honorable, selfless, unable to concieve a son. If he had, he *might* have had a change of heart on that whole "I don't want to be king" thing.

Adams: Honorable, honest, realistic, conservative. He's the founding father I think I have the most respect for, ALTHOUGH I have yet to really get to the section on the alien and sedition act. Still, I am impressed with the character of him (from this source's description.

Jefferson: Manipulative, confusing, sad. I really admired him growing up, but with each turning page my admiration turns to distrust. I am no longer sure WHAT, if anything, he believed in, post founding of the union. He destroyed people, and did it all behind the scenes.

Hamilton: Brilliant, but an apparent snake in the grass. He sure liked women, according to this account, particularly ones he wasn't married to.

I hope to read more and get more information, as I am sure there are glowing books about Jefferson and Hamilton. It just appears to me that the two attempted to assassinate each other's character.

The more things change ...

Monday, April 26, 2004

Write of passage
If you want to get an interesting perspective on education from a very informed source, read this. My Aunt Suzanne is more than a dedicated school administrator, she's a terrific writer, in my opinion. I think her perspective needs to be read by more people.
I personally would be in favor of any system that increases individual attention to students, and I think that she brings up some excellent points. More or less, I think it's pretty clear that my Aunt has been a major influence on my writing style. I can see myself writing a story like this. I HOPE I can one day write one as good.

Gotta lot of songs to sing
-Tonight I cover the Kenton City Council, my first return trip since coming in contact with "Sewage Gate." If you don't know what that is, you don't want to.
-Boy, Andy Barch sure hit the Winslow pick on the head, didn't he?
-I am thinking about working on some short stories for the blog, mostly about my past. Some people know me very well, but don't know how I got here. Plus, I am wanting to write some more than recently, maybe some stories to freshen up the content.
-You know what one of my biggest problems is? Reminding myself to eat. I took my lunch today, ran to the post office and did some cleaning, but didn't actually have lunch. In my haste to find a more nutricious diet, I have forgotten that eating is still a must.
This may be a good time to pick up cooking...

Song quote of the day
So many ways and oh so many things
rejoicing in the differences
there's no one quite like me
yet as different as we are we're still the same...
A part of everything is here in me--John Denver

Sunday, April 25, 2004

Song quote of the day
I look into the sky
the love you needed gonna see you through
and I wonder why
the little things are finally coming true.
Oh Telephone line
give me some time
I'm living in twi-light.--ELO

Josh Harris drafted by Baltimore
Both MAC QBs go to AFC North teams, my two least favorite at that. Maybe Joshua Cribbs will get drafted by Cincinnati in two years and my horror will be complete.

Sunday and sense
Well, I went to BG for five minutes, and then went back to Kenton. When I die I will talk to St. Peter (I do believe in the afterlife) and he will talk to me about all the time I have spent that was wasted. Like waiting in an elevator, waiting for a professor, getting to a game early, etc.
When all of that time is added up, hopefully over 80 years of time, I hope that he'll say 18 days, and not 18 years. Lately, it has felt like the latter.
Think about all the time you have spent waiting in line, waiting for a concert, or waiting for a draft pick. Wonder what you could have done with all that time. Think about the books you could have read, the people you could have seen, the things you could and should have said to them.
Sometimes I think we treat life like we will live forever.
We need to savor what we have.

Back again
For Vitamin Z, love means driving an hour to pick up a bag you left somewhere. You just can't buy memories like that.

Saturday, April 24, 2004


You know, I already saw, in person, Ben Roethlisberger torch my team TWICE this past college season. Now I need to get used to that feeling for the next decade or so.
I think Kellen Winslow will be excellent though, as the Browns finally selected an impact player with the first pick. I just hope we are not kicking ourselves in five years if Garcia doesn't live up to expectations.
Now we'll see if the Browns draft Josh Harris.

It was great to see some old friends, and make some new ones this weekend. I was kind of in "hyper mode" last night, I think because I was so excited to be around so many people. I just can't stay up past 11 anymore though.

With that in mind, here is your

song quote for the day:
Goodbye again
I'm sorry to believe again
Goodbye again
as if you didn't know
it's goodbye again
and I wish you could tell me
why do we always fight when I have to go--John Denver

I am back in Kenton, a day earlier than I thought, but honestly, I just couldn't stay longer. The party was over, and I had been able to spend time with just about everyone. It was time to go.
Indians lost again. I am Zach's total lack of surprise.

Friday, April 23, 2004

Tillman Killed

Pat Tillman, a former Arizona Cardinal who gave up his career to defend his country in the wake of Sept. 11, was killed today in Afganistan. In my opinion, a hero fell today, just like so many others. Tillman could have been a millionaire, but did what so few of us would do in his position. He was only 27.

Libertarianism applied to Clarett

I don't quite see why Maurice Clarett isn't allowed to enter the draft. Basically, the NFL arguments as to why he shouldn't be allowed are weak. I am not a big Clarett guy, but if he wants to go to the NFL before the league believes he is "physically ready," that's his right. We are sending younger men and women to Iraq, after all.
As far as I can figure, the reason he is blocked is because of the NFL collective bargaining agreement (which is the first time I can remember one of those things benefitting a league).
Clarett has a right to be entered, I think.

Thursday, April 22, 2004

Just when I thought the Bengals were on the right track ...

I see this.

MSN Friends Test:
According to MSN's Friends Test, I got nine out of 13 right. This means I could try to be a bigger fan of the show, but I wouldn't be successful. I haven't even watched an episode this season. Here are my top five favorite Friends episodes, just to annoy my brother, who thinks that my liking of the show is stupid.

1. The one where everyone finds out
2. The one with all the Kips
3.The one with Monica's Thunder
4. The one with all the Embryo's
5. The episode after Ross' second wedding (don't know the official name)

Power outage in my building today. Surprisingly, I survived 40 minutes without TV or my stereo. During the outage, I played my guitar, and worked on a few non-electric jobs.

Here's the quote by Michael Moore that bugged me a bit:
The Iraqis who have risen up against the occupation are not "insurgents" or "terrorists" or "The Enemy." They are the REVOLUTION, the Minutemen, and their numbers will grow -- and they will win. Get it, Mr. Bush?"

I'd respond to it myself, but I think Mike Ubaldi, a man who I have not really talked to since his father coached our softball team when I was nine, summed it up best:
When exactly Michael Moore crossed the line between would-be leftist muckraker and thug-cheering despotaphiliac is anyone's guess, but he's well on the other side.

I have good friends who like and are fans of Moore, so I will leave my commentary at that. He certainly has a right to say what he wants, but I will make it clear right now that I do not agree with him.

Go Tribe! One in a row!!! That rebuilding process sure is working.

Andy Barch Draft Interview, part Two

NFL Expert Andy Barch, from a March interview here at Vitamin Z:
VZ: Let's talk about the favorite team of just about everybody who reads this website, the Cleveland Browns. There's a couple of players who could help the Browns and they are both from Miami, Sean Taylor and Kellen Winslow. Do you think Butch Davis would go with Winslow because he's from Miami?

AB:I think that could certainly be part of it. If he's there I would be personally shocked if they did not take Winslow ... I don't think Taylor will be there. I think Winslow, above and beyond the fact that he went to Miami and Butch did help to recruit him, I think he could be a very good fit in that offense Winslow is a very good blocker, probably a lot better than what people give him credit for. He's a guy that can execute a reach block, and give you a lot more versatility ... Not to mention that this kid is just an outstanding pass catching tight end. He makes tremendous catches over the middle, this guy is fearless, and a lot of tight ends have that attribute. I think Jeff Garcia will be looking at this guy quite a lot, especially if the Browns continue to ignore their offensive line problem. If they continue to ignore it, Jeff Garcia is going to be on the run a ton, and when he's on the run, he's going to need an option like that over the middle, or a second option to check off to. I think Kellen Winslow would be a fabulous pick.

VZ: His attitude is pretty well known ... Do you think teams might avoid him because of his attitude?

AB: I know that's been thrown out there a ton the last few weeks ...I think one of the things that will help him is his bloodline. In a sense he's a time bomb ready to go off ... But I think a lot of scouts and a lot of players respect for a guy like that only because, it doesn't seem to me that he comes off as a me-first type of guy. I think (with the soldier thing) it wasn't necessarily taken out of context, but they asked a question after a loss, he was very very angry, and he was taking exception to someone asking him a question about a corner back going for his legs. I think there's a great deal of respect for him around the league. The players certainly have respect for what his father did, and they know that he is cut from the same cloth, he's going to possess the same kind of intensity, the same kind of knowledge, the same kind of respect, and for that reason I don't think anyone will have the wrong perception of him.

Song quote of the day
She's the sunlight when the sky turns gray
She treats me so right baby
Take me away
Maria--BW Stevenson

Reminding myself to be thankful

I am reading two books on the post revolutionary war-period, all thanks to my oft-mentioned co-worker. History is a well known vice of mine, and now I want to expand it so I can learn with a passion.
I remember something I liked about history was the fact that there will always be an endless supply of it. I could study the topic every minute for the rest of my life and still not even scratch the surface.

I am so thankful to be living in this country, and reading about the brilliance of those that made this wild experiment possible only re-energizes that appreciation.
But I also want to know the dirt too. That stuff cracks me up. These men weren't perfect, and their imperfections are sometimes just as interesting.

God bless America.

Wednesday, April 21, 2004

Song quote of the day
Gonna take a lot to take me away from you
there's nothing that 100 men or more could ever do,
I bless the rains down in Africa,
Gonna take some time to do the things we never have.--Toto

VP meets Vitamin Z
It's possible that next week I could be in on a conference call with Dick Cheaney. My co-worker Dan has said I might want to cover it, where "all the coservatives meet or whatever you call yourselves."
Ah yes, my conservatism makes its return. And while I'm at it, let me say that I am against you, Mr. Michael Moore.
If I get to ask Cheaney a question, I am not sure what it would be. I'd like to ask him if he has considered stepping aside for the good of the party. Not if the president has considered it, but if he has.
My brother has accused me of sucking up to famous people. Eh, well, this will be a test, possibly interviewing a man I do not see eye to eye with on some things, but part of an administration I by and large continue to support.
I do hope he steps aside though, and I'd like to know if he has thought about it.

Tuesday, April 20, 2004


Hey, 15-4. This team is AWFUL. If the Indians were a movie, they'd be Crossroads. If they were a musician, they'd be Frankie Avalon. If they were a TV show, they'd be Inside Schwartz. If they were a song, they'd be Believe by Cher.
They are bad.

Zach's Goatee... RIP
I am clean shaven once more, which should please both my parents, my brother, Dan Robinson, and an assortment of friends. Goatee, version III is dead. So basically, the heel turn has been aborted and I am a face again.
And no one at work noticed.

Something's happening here

So Air America is looking like a flop. I just would like to add my voice to countless others who have said that liberal talk may not translate well into the medium of radio.
Personally, I don't really care for talk radio--liberal or conservative--I just like to listen to Jim Rome occasionally and a sporting event. Other than that it's classic rock or a CD.
But conservative radio DOES have a mass appeal, mainly because it's a common perspective (one that I'd be lying if I said I didn't agree with) that much of the media is liberal.
Fox News has changed things quite a bit, but the general perspective from conservatives may not have.
Conservatives found a refuge in talk radio, and I doubt that the liberals can corner the market.
Liberal ideals are already seen all over mass culture, but talk radio may be a tough place to take them.

Song quote of the day-
I got a feeling I may know you
As a lover and a friend
This voice keeps whispering in my other ears
Tells me I may never see you again
Cause I got a peaceful easy feeling
and I know you won't let me down
Cause I'm already standing on the ground--Eagles

Monday, April 19, 2004


Congrats to Danny O'Brien on getting 10,000 hits on his website. I hope to one day reach 10.

Thanks to everyone in BG for making my time there enjoyable. Thanks to Kara for hanging with me at the banquet, and thanks to Erik for inviting me back. Thanks to Aaron and Shawn. And thanks to the U.S postal service. Those guys are doing a heck of a job.

The Andy Barch interview will be all up by the end of this week, I promise.

More time will have to be spent in BG next week.

Song quote of the day
Say you want a revolution
well you know
we all want to change the world--The Beatles

Friday, April 16, 2004

Indians and the thought process.

From Roger Brown's PD column this morning
"No, it's no accident that on the Indians' impressive new Jacobs Field score board, the time is never shown on a consistent, running basis. Indians management wants fans to view at tending home games like going to amusement parks - where checking the time takes a backseat to enjoying the atmosphere."

Another problem with Indians management, and baseball and general, in my opinion, is that they try to sell baseball as something more than baseball. Hey, baseball is a great game, it can sell itself.

I was listening to the Indians teaser before the game (the opening commercial with the theme song before going out to the park) and here's a great quote from GM Mark Shapiro:
"There's a great reason for informed fans to be optimistic."
I guess since I don't agree with the rebuilding, I am uninformed. Right back at you Mark.

Song quote of the day
If you drive a car
I'll tax street
If you try to sit
I'll tax the seat
If you get too cold
I'll tax the heat
If you take a walk
I'll tax your feet
Cause I'm the tax man
Yeah I'm the tax man
and you're working for no one, but me.--The Beatles
More appropriate for yesterday, I know, but it still is right on.

Thursday, April 15, 2004

Library Cards:
Of all the things I have received since arriving in Kenton, there is one thing I still haven't gotten around to doing:
Getting a library card.
Now, I originally went to the Hardin County Library in late December to get a card, but the woman there sternly told me that I couldn't get one because my drivers licence hadn't been updated ... (or ... something.) I was alittle peeved at her tone, and decided to never go back. (mature thinking I know)
Now, I would like to read some books, particularly some Gore Vidal and the John Adams book from a few years ago. But I can't really do it unless I have a card.
But still, that woman.
So I guess I'll have to rely on what I have for reading.

Song quote of the day
It's all right now
I learned my lesson well
You know you can't please everyone
so ya gotta please yourself--Rick Nelson

Wednesday, April 14, 2004

Song quote of the day
I ain't got no money,
I ain't got nobody
won't some sweet mama come take a chance on me
Cause I ain't so bad.--Louie Prima

Head of the golf league...ME?
That's right, the new organizer of the Kenton Times Golf League is me. Now, I LOVE to golf, and apparently, it's the job of the assistant sports editor to organize it. So I will.
I shot about a 200 last week in Ada, so I hope to improve.
Beautiful day today. Makes me want to sing and dance ... While no one is watching. A few people have seen me dance, and have compared my style to that of an uncoordinated Mule. So thus, I only dance in my apartment, while playing my stereo.
It's a release, though I hope to never actually see it played back to me. That may embarrass me into oblivion. I also rarely dance at weddings, because there are girls there, and I'd like to maintain my dignity.
And THAT is a hard thing.

Tuesday, April 13, 2004

3-5 in the movie quotes section tonight, how disappointing. More disappointing is that a year ago, I watched and did a verbal report on Billy Wilder, and specifically watched "Some Like it Hot" for it. The final quote was from that film, and I failed to identify it. But if you expect to sneak a "Graduate" quote by me, well good luck. I have the DVD, and demanded to my friends Brian and Walt that we watch it a good four years ago to celebrate my 20th birthday.
How can anyone not love that movie?
Vivek would want to kill me for not getting a Planet of the Apes quote though.
It's funny, but five months ago I wrote a column about not being able to lose my sarcasm. Now I may write one about wanting to get it back. I still get off a good one every now and then, but I think I am not as funny as I was five months ago.
I think I need to sit in on a Jan Larson class the next time I am in BG. Jan was awesome, and let me just be myself in the class. She also laughed at almost all of my jokes.
Another good person was a girl named Monica. She seemed to always give me a good smile when I was on a roll. The point is, I fed off of it, and was rarely more comfortable.
I am getting there, day by day, and hopefully by Summer, I will be in good enough shape to let loose.
Co-worker Dan Robinson is one heck of a funny guy, and so far, he seems to get the Zach (with an H)Humor. But he has yet to see it in prime form.
Basically, I need to continue to stop, look and listen, and it will be all good.
Boy, what a self-help session this turned into. That's the genius of blogging I guess.

Song Quote of the day
Sometimes I get loneley folks you know what I mean
I'm looking for a woman with low self esteem--Warren Zevon

Sweet days
Just a few news notes:
-It Is cold, it is gray.
-Yes, I did order the baseball package, and last night I fell asleep to the Houston-St. Louis ballgame. It's just nice to know I can fall asleep to baseball anytime I so desire.
Not too much planned for today though. Just chilling a bit.

Monday, April 12, 2004

They may have something in Travis. I give em a week before they deal him for a single A player.

The bewildering quality of Richard Clark
All Liberal Friends may want to skip this one.

Ok, you've been warned.

I glanced at Richard Clark's book today, and read a brief passage of it, where he characterizes the four men he worked for. If I were to believe his book as anything other than political maneuvering on his part (which I don't), here's what I might summize.

Ronald Reagan, George Bush I and II: Men who underestimated and misused their power and misunderstood terrorism.
Bill Clinton: A master politician who was great and understood everything.

Now, I am continually bemused by those media types who credit Clinton with his work in the "Prosecution on Terror" regime, and at the same time complain about Bush intelligence failures. Remember our "kind of war" in Bosnia in 1999? Remember how we, by mistake, bombed the Chinese Embassy there? Was our aim bad? Or were we suffering from bad intelligence?

I just think we have entered a period where people hear what they want and ignore the rest. I accept that the President in all likelihood made a misjudgment on Iraq, (As in believing the Iraqis had so many WMD there was no way they could sneak them off to Syria) but to those who say we could have stopped 9-11, well, the only way I think we could have is by bombing the heck out of the Taliban and destroying them in the months before September.
And, had we done that, as in, launched an unprovoked war against Afghanistan, would Bush be applauded? I doubt it.
Everyone has made mistakes, it seems, but the Republicans didn't make them all, and neither did the Democrats. If we are to move forward with figuring out 9-11, we must agree that the best thing is to accept blame, but more importantly, figure out the best way to ensure the tragedy of 9-11 does not re-occur.

OK, vent over.

Fun With media guides
Now, as everyone probably knows, I am quite skeptical of the Indians and their rebuilding process. Sadly, my fears were all but confirmed today when I read over the teams' media guide. In it, they have a picture of the 1954 team, which they refer to as "World Champions." Now, as any even semi-Indians fan can tell you, the team did NOT win the title in 1954, getting swept by Willie Mays and the New York Giants.
But the geniuses running the Indians, whose main job it is to look over stuff like this, can't even get it right.
Oh, and the front cover features Charles Nagy, Sandy Alomar, and Kenny Lofton, to mark the ten year anniversary of Jacobs Field. They are in black and white, while today's stars* are in color. It's as if they want us to think the glory days were during the Eisenhower administration, rather than four years ago, when all three played for the Indians. UGH. Good thing the Indians don't read this site, or I'd never get media passes to games.

*Mediocre never will be's.

Song quote of the day
You're asking me will my love grow
I don't know
I don't know
Stick around now it may show
But I don't know
I don't know-Beatles

Getting to know me
An interesting questionaire has been making the rounds at 210 west, and here are my results.

Just outside the rocky mountains in Colorado
 My MAC jacket I received last year at media day
I like em all, a lonely man cannot be picky.
Elton John Honky Chateau
5. WHERE'S YOUR LEAST FAVORITE PLACE TO BE? In the woods looking for my golf ball. 
Strong mind. It is everything in the end
8. WHAT TIME DO YOU WAKE UP IN THE MORNING? 5:30 a.m. (Afternoon paper)
10. WHAT MAKES YOU REALLY ANGRY? Michael Moore, Bill Maher, Myself
I already play guitar, so the piano
Neither. I like non-descript cars with no personality.
15. FAVORITE CHILDREN'S BOOK?The Giving Tree by Shell Silverstein 
16. FAVORITE SEASON? Fall - I just like the breeze
18. HAVE A TATTOO, WHAT IS IT? none, I think they are self mutilation. 
19. CAN YOU JUGGLE? Ha, no.
20. PERSON FROM YOUR PAST YOU WISH YOU COULD GO BACK AND TALK TO? My mother's mom. She always called me.
22. WHAT'S IN THE TRUNK OF YOUR CAR? A bag of clothes
25. LAST LIKELY TO RESPOND? Osama Bin Laden.
28. WHAT IS YOUR FAVORITE MEAL? BBQ chicken Pizza at Macaronni Grille 

Sunday, April 11, 2004

Sunday Night
Congratulations to Phil Mickelson, who won one of the most exciting golf tournaments I have ever seen. He holed a birdie on the 18th to win.
Anyway, the Indians lost again, as I have begun to wonder just what the point of the team is at this point.

McCain has decided not to run with John Kerry, to which I say "bravo." Yeah, I am not the biggest Bush fan these days, but I have never been a fan of Kerry, so it's kind of a push. A push of the republican candidate, that is.
Here is my issue with the election. It has started really early, as we have seen the worst of both candidates in the last few weeks. Bush reprimanding a reporter for not calling him "Mr. President" makes him come off badly.
One of the things I have always liked about the president is his ability to relate to people in a one-on-one setting. His reaction last week has the opposite effect.
If someone doesn't call me "Mr. Assistant Sports Editor at work, "I" don't flip out.
Someone told me this week that George Bush I advised against an Iraq invasion. I am not surprised if this is true, given Bush I's disdain for Donald Rumsfeld and other hawks in the current administration.
Regardless, I am still backing the decision to oust Mr. Hussein. He just had to go, in my opinion. Whether the costs are worth it, well, I know they rarely are in war, at least to many.
I sometimes wonder what would happen if George Bush I was in office now.
Despite my reservations, I am still behind the president and the current effort. But it would be unwise to follow blindly.

Saturday, April 10, 2004

Indians give up three runs in 9th, lose
I would argue that it might be time to re-think that whole Urbina thing.The Indians' frugal ways have come bite them once more.
David Riske is not a closer, end of story.

Friday, April 09, 2004

Weekend away
Happy Easter to everyone, and I hope you all enjoy the holiday. (except for my beloved ex-college, which gave NO days off for the holiday. )
I will be in Dayton this weekend seeing family, so my blogging will be even less frequent than it has been.
congratulations to my friend Kara Hull, who has an internship in Fort Wayne this Summer. Good for her, she deserves it.
And Congratulations to me for FINALLY shaving this week. Spring sports is a tough thing once it gets going.

WWE hits new low
I just don't have the words for this

Thursday, April 08, 2004

Another Birthday
Happy 22nd, Mr. Joel Hammond. I would not be where I am today without you. Thanks a lot.

Happy Birthday ... Arch Enemy
Happy 50th birthday to baseball "hall of famer" Gary Carter.

Back from my Blog vacation:
I return with the following thoughts after a one day hiatus:
-Carmen Policy is out as Browns president. I told a few people today that five and half years ago, when I had just started my senior year in High School, the ownership group had a press conference announcing their intentions to buy the team. The three people seated were Al Lerner (who died in 2002), Carmen Policy (resigned yesterday), and Bernie Kosar (persona non grata since day one) Times, they change.
-I will be returning to BG next weekend to attend the BGRSO banquet, and hope to contact a few friends. I think I will arrive Saturday evening and may stay till Sunday.
-The post on Tuesday may have thrown some people off, so I better come clean to a point. I was verbally berated by a fellow tenant at my apartment for coming up the steps too loud. I felt at the time that the language, and her tone were completely unneeded. I am still angry about it, since I think a more polite tone would have been better.
However, on the advice of SOME co-workers, I have decided to simply move on and hope to never see the woman again. (Others say I should run up and down the steps continually, but that wouldn't help anyone.)

Tuesday, April 06, 2004

Here I go again
I will never let it happen again. I am not that good of a person, but I'm better than that.

Song quote of the day
I'm a dweller in the threshold
and I'm waiting at the door
I am standing in the darkness
I don't want to wait no more--Van Morrison

Then on Tuesday ...
Hectic mornings seem to be the norm right now, as in spring sports, so many teams play so often.
I read a column by Cal Thomas on President Bush's secret weapon. What's the weapon? His wife, Laura.
I am a big Laura Bush fan, which probably shocks no one. I also liked Barbera Bush a great deal. The thing is, I don't think that a spouse has that much to do with a candidate winning or losing. If it did, Shirley Jones and Florence Henderson would have been married by a politician long ago. Maybe Hillary Clinton and Condoleeza Rice will try to marry Ben Affleck too, see that he's now available. Boy, imagine the kids that could come from that.
Sometimes I worry about the way my mind works.
Basically, the point is that I doubt the first lady has all that much to do with whether the president gets re-elected.

Monday, April 05, 2004

Late on Mon.
Yeah, so I am tired ...The Indians lose a game they should have won ... the bullpen is awful. I am going to lock myself in a dark room.

Sunday, April 04, 2004

My Dream girl
Glenn Close in The Natural is my dream girl. I have few weaknesses in the opposite sex.
1.girls with A british accent
2. girls with a baseball cap
3. Girl baseball fans.

There, I said it. This probably makes me seem shallow, but hey, I kind of am.
Anyway, any girl that can sound like Kate Beckensale, while wearing the Indians "I," and reciting the last 20 world series winners ... is ok with me.

But for riight now, Iris will have to do.

Song quote of the day
I've lost my teeth
lost my hair
lost my mind
you don't care
love is war
all is fair
Valentines Day-James Taylor
I love James Taylor.

Opening Day ... Kind of
Sure, the Red Sox are playing the Orioles on ESPN II, but Sister Act is on. It's one of my all time favoritw comedies, and I don't think Whoopi Goldberg, as naturally funny as she is, has been able to top it. Ebert gave it ** 1/2 stars, but I'd give it *** 1/2. Maybe it's because I went to a catholic church as a child.

John Kruk=Idiot.
John Kruk "Why are people coming down on Barry Bonds? No one came down on Jose Canseco ... Why Bonds?

Huh? EVERYONE came down hard on Jose, he's basically considered a joke in the industry, and is "blackballed from the league." John Kruck is a disgrace to the industry of sportscasting.\

Magic Beans
The Indians traded Milton Bradley for a player that's in single A and a player to be named, which I believe is the equivalant of magic beans. Jack from the Beanstock would be so proud. I would like to tell you what I think of the Cleveland Idiots' front office, but I have a no swearing policy for this blog.
I hope Mark Shapiro gets swallowed by his ever-present cell phone.

Saturday, April 03, 2004

MY Tribe
What a classy group of guys run the Indians. Why is it that they not only have to get rid of a player, but do their best to humiliate them on their way out? I hope Larry Dolan and Mark Shapiro do the right thing and disappear. Read this

Time to rant
-My mother fell for the John Kerry April Fools joke. She said some of what I wrote "rang true." I am a good actor, and I just needed motivation. I realize if I ever wanted to advance that ability I'd need classes or a coach, but for a novice, I don't think I am that bad.

-I am beginning to wonder if any photos of me when I was a student at BG exist. Looking a various friends Yahoo picture sites, there is not a trace of Vitamin Z. Hmmm. Maybe I just hallucinated the whole BG thing.

-I am pretty comfortable with the goatee that now resides on my face. It was just gonna be a quick experiment, but I think it makes me look like a young professor. I said I'd keep it until opening day, but now I don't see myself shaving it anytime soon. Besides, I don't need to look my best, since there are no girls my age in Kenton.

-Note to self: Get golf clubs next time in Cleveland.

-The wind is really blowing here, which I assume is the precursor to a cold front. The air chills to the bone.

-The TAB is done, and I am celebrating by forgetting last week.

-Opening day tomorrow. I am going to celebrate by talking baseball with my imaginary friend Idda Pidda. I was a boy that had a rapid imagination as a kid. I still envision myself on a big stage playing music sometimes, and sometimes give fake Saturday Night Live Monologues. Imagination is good, no matter what the age.

I may be turning into Jared. I eat so much Subway because I want to stay in shape (we all know how imperitive that is for a sportswriter) and stay healthy.
I had the chance to listen to Scott Stewart, (?) the new Reds announcer. He has a good delivery, but I didn't get a chance to listen to his play by play work.
It has to be said.
Matt Underwood needs a lot of work as an announcer. He talks more like a company shill than a baseball insider. He seems to fit everything the Indians represent to me these days: All talk: no results.
Basically, here is the Indians lineup as I see it, described in two words each:
1B Ben Broussard: Hal Morris
1B Travis Hafner: No consistancy
2B Ronnie Belliard: No talent
SS Omar Vizquel: Too old
3b: Casey Blake: bad player
RF: Jody Geruit: See, Listache
CF: Alex Escobar: No Pablo
CF: Coco Crisp: bad cereal
LF:Matt Lawton: not tradable
c: Victor Martinez: Not proven
My Prediction: They lose 90 games.

Song Quote of the day
Something is going to be wrong,
she can be strong,
now that she's gone
I'll be missing her song--BW Stephenson

Friday, April 02, 2004

Song quote of the day

If you want me to come with you
Then that's alright with me
Cause you know I'm going nowhere
and anywhere's a better place to be. --Harry Chapin

Friday Night:
Here' s an exclusive secret for Vitamin Z readers--I like laying out the paper. Particularly on Fridays, when I just do my job and make jokes. It feels good to be busy, sez I. I hate being overwhelmed and underwhelmed, but tonight was perfect and managable. I may only have one layout (inside joke) but it works, and so do I.
-A special hello goes out to my Aunt Sue. We may not agree on much politically, but it doesn't matter. I love her so much and hope she does a good job keeping my parents in line on their vacation next week. My aunt is the only other writer in the family, and because of that, we have shared a special bond from the beginning, one that I cherish to this day. I remember a particular discussion we had once:
Zach: I really want to ask this girl out, but am afraid to. What should I do?
Aunt Sue: Well, you know, she could always ask YOU out.

Pure genius, which I expect from her.
I love and miss her. Hopefully I can see her before too long

Thursday, April 01, 2004

Remembering my past
Mr. Fiebic (High School health teacher) "You know what I do when I have a lot of work?"
Zach: "What?"
Mr. Fiebic: I do nothing.

Ever feel that way?

Song quote of the day
Don't let the sun go down on me
Everytime I search myself it's always someone else I see,
I guess I'm just a fragment of your life, to waunder free
But losing everything,
Is like the sun going down on me--Elton John

In a non-April Fools post
Check this out.
Personally, I stopped watching the show my freshman year of college, when I thought they had run out of ideas and the show just generally stopped being funny.
I grew up with the Simpsons (well "I" grew up, they never really did) and love some of the episodes. I was hoping the April Fools episode from 1993 would air tonight in syndication, but no dice.
Friends and Frasier are ending this summer, so it may be best to stop the Simpsons as well. Friends I haven't watched in about a year. I still love the reruns though. Matt Perry is a really underrated actor, sez I.

Yeah, that's right, I like Friends. I won't watch the finale though. But still, it was a funny series. Cheers is probably my favorite of all time though (I never got into MASH, though I have the movie on DVD), Still, Friends inspired sentimental geeks like myself to ... well ... watch more tv.

Kerry in 2004
I have decided to switch parties and support John Kerry for the presidency later this year. I have simply HAD IT with the Bush administration, and think that it's time for a change. Kerry may not be the best candidate, but I'm sure he's better than the oil-hungry Texan/good old boy administration we have in there now.
I think he would make a better president than no one anymore, and I have just decided to go with my heart. So finally, I have decided to embrace John Kerry, and join him to bring back America.
It's time for a new voice, and Kerry is at least a different one than we have now.

Oh, and by the way, tomorrow is April 2nd.

Another fairly busy, but productive day. Here's a tip to all you future photographers out there. Stay away from letting a team pose in what they feel is a creative way.
I have more writing to do tonight, to finish the tab once and for all. Anyone who has worked at a newspaper knows how much fun "they" are.
As for politics, well, they seem to follow me around at work. I can't really escape it. When pressed about my conservatism, I recalled what a professor told the class about journalism politics in a freshman class at Bowling Green. He told the class that a moderate will either be swayed to the left like the majority of his co-worker, or dive to the right to spite it.
Maybe I have become more conservative. Or maybe, I just appear more conservative in the environment I am in.
It's finally April, thank goodness. Baseball is still four days away, and I am just happy to be able to watch it again. Of course, Milton Bradley is about to take his little silver monopoly car out of Cleveland, past "GO" and he will not collect $200. He apparently left Indians camp and will be traded within 72 hours. So basically, the Indians have found a way to once again rid themselves of their best player. I am not saying that Milton isn't wrong , because he is. But he's still our best player, and now he's gonna be gone, like a troublesome summer.
That Freddy Adu (?) is on PTI, and he seems very mature, but then, so was I at that age. I wish I was as smart as I sounded when I was 12. I still don't care about professional soccer.