Sunday, September 19, 2010

Chiefs 16, Browns 14
So here's what I'm thinking.

The Browns never really improved last season. They were aided by the fact that they played sub-standard teams playing out the string.

This year, the Browns improved, but so did everyone else. The Browns went from an F to a D+, and that's not enough to beat confident teams with a singular vision.

I can't take credit for the point I'm about to express -- my brother actually made it first. Eric Mangini and Brian Daboll are running a more pass-happy offense, because that's what Mike Holmgren knows, and that's what he and Tom Heckert started building in the offseason.

But Eric Mangini's a run-first coach, and so you have a coach preaching a philosophy that isn't him. So that may be the problem.

Or at least I hope it is, because if it isn't, this is a horrid, horrid team and positives are harder to find than last season. At least then, we knew the Browns weren't good, but they were playing very good teams... the Vikings, Ravens and, at the time, the Broncos.

But the Browns just lost to the Buccaneers and Chiefs. Yes, they are each 2-0 now. But neither team is the Ravens, Steelers or Bengals caliber.

Rob Ryan's defense has played well in two games, but not well enough to cover for the offense.

- Seneca Wallace was... mediocre. No receiver help, an inconsistent offensive line and no real effort to run the ball killed any chances of winning.

And speaking of no chance of winning, the Browns are in Baltimore next week.



At 10:06 AM , Anonymous Erik said...

Cribbs has asserted that "Here we go again" wasn't going to enter into this team's mindset. But how can't it?

This is a team that is used to losing. You can't think it would take much to wreck what fragile confidence they have (or had).

So color me unsurprised if this team once again becomes a runaway train and we're soon seeing them disinterested and losing 35-7 every week.

How do you turn that around? Maybe even Holmgren doesn't know. I have a sneaking suspicion that the culture of suck will outlast Holmgren, who is 60-ish and obese. If nothing else forces him to call it quits, high blood pressure probably will.

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