Monday, September 27, 2010

Ravens 24, Browns 17
Don't try and spin this game as a positive. Just don't.

Seneca Wallace flips the ball when no flip is expected.

Matt Roth jumps offsides on a third and four with the game on the line.

Stupid penalties.

Eric Wright can't cover. But why was he out there in 1-on-1s?

Rob Ryan keeps dialing up blitzes, but no one ever gets to the quarterback. The Browns have a third and two and Peyton Hillis, the Browns best player on Sunday, is off the field.

Yes, things looked better. But there are no moral victories in the NFL. The Browns have given great efforts in these games before.

You need to win to prove progress. That's it.


At 10:05 AM , Anonymous Erik said...

Yeah, a loss in any language is still a loss. But at least the Browns' problems now seem fixable. Not piece-of-cake fixes, but the situation doesn't seem hopeless.

Remember last year's game in Baltimore? I believe that was Week 3 as well. Quinn was so bad he got benched for DA at halftime, and the Browns still lost by a wide margin (34-3?)

They are still making dumb penalties. They are still falling apart late in games. But I don't totally buy the argument that a win is required to show progress. Certainly not against a blatantly-superior Ravens team.

I'm not defending Roth or Wright, or Ryan's blitz-happy mentality (however, can he really pressure the QB any other way? Bruce Smith circa 1991 isn't walking through that door.) But I've seen the Browns be at least competitive through three games this year, and that wasn't the case last year.

You have to crawl before you can walk, and you have to slither before you can crawl. It's the brutal truth.


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