Tuesday, November 02, 2010

10 things about the election
1. I support John Kasich for governor of Ohio.

2. My feeling on the Ted Strickland tenure has been much the same as my feelig about the Democrats right now: Too much spending, not enough restraint, not enough say from the people. In at least one case, Strickland tried to override the vote of the people. He lost my vote there.

3. I think the Republicans will win the House and close the gap in the Senate.

4. This is not a year for Republicans. It's a year of the independent voter saying they want less spending. There are not enough Republicans or right wingers (like me) to make this type of difference.

5. If I had to guess, I'd say Strickland pulls out the election. Kasich hasn't connected enough with voters, and I imagine the barrage of negative ads on Kasich's ties to Lehman Brothers will have an effect.

6. I though John Kerry would win in '04. I tend to be as negative in my political outcomes as I am in Cleveland sports. The only difference is that when it comes to Cleveland sports, I am always right.

7. I have heard Sharron Angle is a tad crazy. Which would make it all the more humorous if she STILL beats Harry Reid.

8. Linda McMahon will lose in her Connecticut Senate bid. That's obvious.

9. I am a conservative guy. I believe in small government and personal liberty. But no matter what the results of Tuesday are, it's important not to misread the mandate. The message is that Democrats have overspent. Republicans who get elected must push to cut spending,not overspend on projects THEY like.

10. I don't believe this election will mean much for 2012. Nor should it.



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