Tuesday, November 02, 2010

Post election thoughts
Though I suppose it's not really post, since some elections still are being decided.

So John Kasich is in (the He Worked On Wall Street and He Worked for Lehman Brothers campaigns being mildly successful in that they made the race close)and Ted Strickland is out.

Really, I think things turned for the governor when he backed Hillary Clinton before the 2008 presidential primaries. He backed the loser in that race, and thus, had no shot to be then-candidate Obama's running mate (why he chose Joe Biden will be a question bothering historians for centuries).

Strickland then was left in Ohio, where jobs were being lost and the economy was suffering. I don't think he can be blamed for all of it, but when you are the top man in state government, that is where the blame usually falls.

I really believe he wanted to be Sen. Clinton's running mate, and honestly, with a favorable rating from gun owners, he'd have been a strong choice for her had she made it that far.

But he was left behind. He didn't have much of a record to run on. I know this because if he did, he would have. Instead, I saw one positive Stickland ad for every 20 negative Kasich ads. Hey, Kasich was just as negative. But it's easier to play that role as the challenger.

I will say one positive thing about Strickland: He looks great for 69. I don't know where he goes from here.

But I can't say I'm upset about him not going back to the state capital.

-Harry Reid won. Ugh. That guy has nine lives.



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