Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Vizquel keeps on going
One of the best shortstops in Indians history has decided to keep going, even though he's north of 40 and hit .222 last season.

Omar Vizquel's best days are no doubt behind him. But he apparently still enjoys going out and playing the game the way only he can. But the Rangers certainly seem like an odd fit. Then again, the Giants did too.

But the Rangers more so. Do they even allow ground balls in Arlington?

Some players were born for teams. Pete Rose was a Red, so was Johnny Bench. Mike Schmidt belongs to Philadelphia and Rickey Henderson, despite his seemingly endless travels, always looked right with the A's.

Omar was meant for the Indians. Jhonny Peralta has more power and is a decent hitter, but he's just not on Vizquel's level. It's like watching a singer trying to follow a Frank Sinatra performance.

Did I want the Indians to sign Vizquel? No. But I hope that no matter how he finishes his career, he never does anything to make people forget when he was at his best, when he made the ridiculous look routine, and when he was so good even the big cities knew who he was.

If Omar wants to keep going, then great. But seeing him in a Rangers uniform will be weird, to say the least.



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