Thursday, January 15, 2009

An idea for the Indians ...
Ken Griffey Jr. is still available, and according to some, could be had for between 3and $4 million a season.

Yes, Griffey is 39. Yes, he is injured.

But he still hit 18 homers last season and is saying he is healthy.

The Indians need insurance when (or, to some, if) Travis Hafner can't reach his healthy potential this season. I also would be nice to have a power threat in left field, and alternate Ben Francisco and Shin Soo Choo in right.

It makes sense to me, but it probably doesn't to the Indians, who fear the idea of bringing in anyone who could possibly be perceived as moody.

I don't believe that about Griffey, but others certainly do. But would it kill the Indians to bring in someone who has a little attitude, and a burning desire for a ring?

It wouldn't, but Eric Wedge might disagree.



At 8:26 AM , Anonymous Erik said...

I think the key words (numbers?) there are "39" and "injured." Not "moody."

It would be nice to have an insurance policy on Hafner, but Griffey wouldn't even be Safe Auto: Minimum Coverage For Minimum Budgets. He's aging and fragile. Bad combo.

I would rather have had Pat Burrell. Heck, I'd even have taken a flyer on Rocco Baldelli.

At 7:04 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

I like it. I would also like Shapiro to try and offer Ramirez a 1 year deal and see if he bites. Manny's crazy, so you never know. It would sell tickets.


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