Monday, January 05, 2009

Browns coaching search
So the following has happened with our beloved Cleveland Browns in the last eight days.

- They fired their general manager.
- They fired their head coach.
- They were rebuffed by Bill Cowher, owner Randy Lerner's personal Vince Lombardi.
- They were put on hold by fired Broncos coach Mike Shannahan.
- They interviewed fired-Jets coach Eric Mangini.
- They fell in love with fired-Jets coach Eric Mangini.
- They seem ready to hire another first-time GM, again from the Baltimore Ravens.

It's a lot to take in. What troubles me most is not who the coach or GM will be, but who's guiding the ship.

Randy Lerner is not a football guy. He's a rich man who owns a successful soccer team and lives in New Jersey.

Since 2002, when his father, Al Lerner, died, Randy has done some odd things. He gave Butch Davis full control and a contract extension, then a year later changed direction, and gave Davis a ton of money to go away.

He hired a general manager, then less than a year later wanted to fire him. He hired a coach, then two years later came close to firing him. After one good season, he gave his coach and GM extensions. A year later, after a horrible year, he fired them.

Boy, doesn't this look like an appealing work environment?

Personally, I'd like the Browns to bring in someone who has held the general manager position -- in the NFL -- before. I want that man to make the football decisions, including the hiring of a head coach.

The Browns need to build an organization of competence, so they aren't always doing this "search."

The problem isn't who is hired or when they are hired. The problem comes from within. When a franchise goes through four coaches in 10 years, and the team is bad for eight of those years, one comes to the conclusion that the issue isn't the coaching. It's the chaos.

Who's responsible for that?

I think it's obvious.



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