Friday, January 09, 2009

Five things I don't like about the Eric Mangini hire
1. The Browns hired the coach first. True, the Cavs did it and made it work. But that's a totally different situation (the Browns don't have LeBron). The timing of the hires, even if they bring in a Mangini ally to be the GM (and the Browns will) gives Mangini the power. It didn't work for Butch Davis and countless others. Why would it work now?

2. Randy Lerner is still looking for the next Bill Belichick. He tried to find him before, with Romeo Crennel. It seems Lerner has organization envy. Admittedly, if you're going to copy one, that's the one to copy. But I think Lerner's fascination with the Browns' old coach goes further.

The Browns were 11-5 in 1994. Many believe the Browns 1995 season was derailed by the move (I don't believe that, but some do). Lerner was a fan back then, and might believe that had the Browns organization then stayed in place, the team could have had the run of success the Patriots had six years later. It just seems that instead of creating success, Lerner wants to copy by getting a new Belichick. That sort of thinking usually doesn't work.

3. Mangini was a head coach as of two weeks ago. For all the talk about learning from his mistakes, he hasn't really had the usual "cooling off" period coaches get between jobs. Belichick was an assistant for four years after being fired from the Browns. There's no break, no contemplation time, no re-learning the system. Mangini in many ways was never without a job, since Lerner fell for his pitch a mere hours after he was let go.

4. The Browns still don't have a general manager. Perhaps rehashing of reason No. 1, but I still think it's pretty important.

5. Randy Lerner made the decision. Simple enough.



At 1:57 PM , Anonymous Aaron said...

I agree with most of what you said Zach, I feel like the only Cleveland fan who is not doing backflips over Mangini.


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