Friday, January 09, 2009

Cavaliers wear 1980s Nuggets uniforms, still beat the Celtics
Seriously, what the hell are those uniforms?

Announcers keep referring to them as "throwbacks" which I find odd because the Cavaliers have never, ever worn blue and gold. I think what they are going for is a blend of the 1970s with the late 1980s. But it looks like they borrowed from the Dave Valle uniform booklet.

It's a shame the uniforms are so bad, because the team is outstanding. ESPN analysts are still clinging to the "Kobe Bryant is better than LeBron because he won a ring five years ago" argument, but LeBron is taking his team, the fans, and the community to new heights.

The team around him is better, but LeBron James is better to, taking the game over early, and then taking it over late and making the Celtics look old in the process.

It was one game. But for one night, the Cavs proved they are the best in the NBA right now.



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