Thursday, January 08, 2009

Five things I like about Eric Mangini
The new Browns coach has several positives. Here are the five that impress me the most:

1. He has NFL head coaching experience. This is an obvious one. The only coach the Browns have hired in my lifetime that fit the above description is Terry Robiskie, and he was just an interim coach (and his previous experience was interim). Mangini will know what being a head coach means in this league when he steps on the field for his first exhibition game. That will be a huge plus going into next season.

2. Mangini is still very, very young. At 37, Mangini has to know this may not be his last stop as an NFL head coach, If he coaches the Browns for 20 years, he'll still be about the same age Romeo Crennel was when he was hired by the team. It's an interesting dynamic of some experience and the youthful hunger.

3. Mangini has a lot to prove. Getting run out of New York after a winning season probably isn't what Mangini had in mind when he took the Jets job three years ago. He probably feels like he is the scapegoat for the Jets collapse, and probably only because Brett Favre might not be around to take the hit. With the Jets being a franchise that is hit and miss, Mangini probably sees a chance to build a strong organization, then look back and laugh as the Jets hire and fire again.

4. Mangini has ties to the Browns. He started what turned into a coaching career in Cleveland. He gets the city, gets the passion, and should understand why it's so important to the community that he succeeds.

5. Mangini is not Brian Billick. That shouldn't need much explanation.

Tomorrow: 5 reasons I don't like the hiring.



At 11:05 AM , Blogger Suss said...

Four of the last five coaches to win a Super Bowl won it with their second team:

Tom Coughlin
Bill Belichick
Tony Cungy
Jon Gruden

Think about it.


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