Saturday, December 27, 2008

Caroline Kennedy won't run
You could argue this is a practical decision on her part. She knows the Democrat who gets the job will run as an incumbent in 2010, so what's the point of running when she knows she'll lose.

But in making this declaration, Caroline Kennedy is also making it clear her ambitions. If she really believed she was the best person to help the people of New York, why not at least consider running?

She knows she's not the most qualified. Everyone knows that. She just wants to coast in and reap the rewards that come with the appointment.

It's logical, but it's not right.

But it comes down to the people of New York. For all the talk about Illinois' machine politics, it doesn't get more machine than appointing an inexperienced person to one of the state's most important positions simply because she has a name.

The people of New York ought to know they deserve better.



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