Sunday, November 16, 2008

Thoughts in Arrested Development format
It's hard to accept that a football team, specifically one you root for, is heading for oblivion, at least this season. Everyone had high hopes before the Browns first game, so it's more frustrating now that they are 3-6.

Narrator: In fact, Zach, due to a long-standing tendency to negative thoughts, was always pessimistic about the Browns. He feared the coach he liked, Romeo Crennel, would get fired and all the goodwill of the 2007 season would vanish faster than a Christian Slater series.

-President Elect Barack Obama is supposedly considering Hillary Clinton as his secretary of state. I suppose there could be worse candidates.

Narrator: He can't think of one now, but there probably are.

Besides, as we all know, Sen. Clinton has done some great things.

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-The Twins are are making an offer to former Indian Casey Blake. This probably will hurt the Indians' offseason plans.

Narrator: In fact, Indians' general manager Mark Shapiro had been planning to sign Blake, to make him the Indians' big move of the offseason. The move also was to appease manager Eric Wedge, who had been complaining to Shapiro that he had "lost his smile" and didn't really want to manage if Blake wasn't with him on the bench. With Blake possibly going elswhere, Shapiro is now forced to pursue other Wedge favorites -- Jason Michaels, Lou Merloni, and the entire cast of CBS' "How I Met Your Mother."

- The Cavaliers are on the rise, as this may be the best Cavs' team we have seen in our lifetime. Aside from LeBron's brilliance, Ben Wallace is starting to play back to form and Mo Williams looks to be the true compliment LeBron has always needed.

It's times like these I'm glad I firmly supported the franchise during the early part of this decade.

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At 1:26 PM , Blogger Vince said...

Dammit, Zach, I have enough editing to do at work!
Unless he's telling LeBron that he likes his shoes, Mo Williams is complementing him, not complimenting him.
And I like HIMYM!

At 2:07 PM , Anonymous Aaron said...

I hope the Indians do sign Jason Sigel (Marshall from How I met your mother), I don't know if he is a good third baseman but he is a very good comedic actor (see Knocked Up and Forgetting Sara Marshall)


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