Sunday, October 26, 2008

Browns 23, Jaguars 17
So remember kids, if you're ever in a difficult spot with the clock running down, create a personal foul to stop the clock.

This was one of Romeo Crennel's best coaching jobs, squeezing every last ounce out of his guys while everyone around town kept blabbing about Kellen Winslow (me, included).

What I learned today (aside from what I mentioned above):

1. Shaun Rodgers is a beast and is having a Pro-Bowl season.

2. That's how that Steve Heiden play is supposed to work, when the quarterback makes a decent throw.

3. Offensive coordinator Rob Chudzinski always gets praise when things go well, but I am worried he outsmarts himself sometimes. First and goal at the one, fourth quarter, Jamal Lewis is wearing Jacksonville down. Keep giving him the ball until he gets in. Surprise isn't a must when you need a yard.

4. The Browns will need Kellen Winslow this season, despite what some callers may think. He's not perfect, but he provides a danger than few others do, and the Browns will need that in the coming weeks.

5. Matt Jones should have, could have, would have. But who cares. That stuff always goes against the Browns, it's good to get one back.

6. The next two games will probably make or break the year. Cleveland really needs to win them both to have a realistic shot at a run.

7. Derek Anderson needs a fast start against Baltimore's defense, and Jamal needs at least 20 carries next week. The Browns cannot afford to fall behind early, or really any time against that defense.



At 5:37 PM , Anonymous Jeff said...

"Matt Jones should have, could have, would have..." been sitting at home watching the game on CBS like the rest of us, had Jacksonville not let him play while the NFL processed his suspension appeal. A soon-to-be-suspended player catching the GW TD. That is the kind of crap that happens to the Browns.

Did you watch the Berg BW game on STO? Any thoughts on the last play? As I hear, Dawond Roddy's dad took pictures on the goal line, and said the ball came out well before the goal line, and that a lineman's helmet jarred it loose.


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