Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Oh, great ...
Remember this quote from Indians general manager Mark Shapiro:

Casey certainly has a natural fit on our club next year. ...

I know everyone in the world loves Casey Blake, and he appears to have done a decent job in Los Angeles. But he'll be 36 next year and he will cost more than $7 million a year to bring in.

Can't the Indians finally look elsewhere to fill that spot, with a true corner player, instead of an aging, average one?

Other great moments from Shapiro:

On Louie Isaac:
"That being said, the door has never been closed on Louie coming back. He made it clear to me, he wants to look for another big-league job. If that doesn't happen, and he still wants to work in some other capacity, he'll call me."

Yeah, I'm sure after 44 years with the franchise and 15 years in Cleveland, Isaac would love to finish up his career in Akron or Columbus. The move was classless, and everyone knows it.

Shapiro's only making it look worse, basically saying they'd re-hire him for a meaningless job if it would make him feel better.

On the offseason:
"We feel we're in a good spot. Major and minor league, short and long term. Now we need to go out and be relentless and execute an off-season plan that acknowledge we have areas to improve. We cannot, and will not be, complacent."

Yeah, we know. The Indians are only complacent after good seasons.

On Travis Hafner:
"If for some reason he can't go, that would be an adjustment we'd make from the group of players we have internally."

Like David Dellucci?



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