Sunday, October 19, 2008

At this stage
Here's what conservatives shouldn't do in the event of a Sen. Barack Obama victory:
(In retrospect, 4 and 6 aren't phrased correctly. Those are things we SHOULD do. Thanks to my aunt for pointing that out).

1. Proclaim the world's greatest country is in deep trouble because it will now be led by such a liberal man. My take is that since Jimmy Carter, Warren G. Harding, Andrew Johnson and Richard Nixon couldn't wreck this nation, we'll be OK.

2. Pounce on every Obama mistake and hope that he fails. We have seen eight years of people who have blamed President Bush for everything, enjoying his every mishap in a misguided search for vindication over the 2000 election. The country is and shall remain the greatest in the world, regardless of who has control of the executive branch.

3. Watch MSNBC.

4. Work to come together if and when Obama wins. Some on the other side refused to do this in the last eight years, as did some on our side. This will be a chance for conservatives to appreciate Obama's historic implications, despite fundamental differences with his policies. The country will be better off if we accept defeat, not dispute it or resent it.

5. Blame the liberal media for Obama's win. No one likes hammering at CNN, MSNBC, the AP and Charlie Gibson as much as I do. But they won't be the reason for John McCain's loss. Eight years of one party is tough enough to extend without dire economic news and a still unpopular war.

6. Remember that we are all Americans, all on the same side. I am supporting McCain, but an Obama victory will not put me into depression. The American people will have spoken. We must respect and appreciate their decision, regardless of what it is.



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