Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Is the end in sight? Is Kellen Winslow II's career with the Browns ending already?

Some have suggested it. I can't say for certain that they are wrong. But I do believe everyone involved needs to take a deep breath.

Winslow is as talented as anyone in a Browns uniform. He's selfish, egotistical and brash. But players like him don't come around often. It wouldn't be wise to cut Winslow now -- which the Browns would have to do since the trade deadline passed -- and assure themselves nothing for such a talent.

Better to wait until the offseason. Hopefully by then, things will have cooled a bit. Maybe Winslow will see the error of talking first, then thinking. Or at least maybe he'll learn that a filter is good thing to have.

If things continue to deteriorate and he continues to be a problem, then yes, trade him. But not to Bill Belichick for a fourth round pick.

If I'm the Browns, I'm far more concerned about the 2-4 start than Winslow's comments. Most of the Browns' players have sided with the organization when asked.

Maybe they're covering themselves. I don't know. I do know few can cover Winslow, which is why cutting ties with him is so risky.



At 10:57 AM , Anonymous Erik said...

Winslow is going to be dealt this offseason. I don't think there is much doubt about that now. The "piece of meat" comment was probably the last straw.

I wonder what this will do to Chud's relationship with the Browns. He and K2 go back a long way and the ability to utilize Winslow's talent was a big factor in why Chud accepted the Browns O-coordinator job.

Having said that, I will be very interested to see what the Browns' offense is like this Sunday against the Jags. In their one game sans Winslow, Anderson spread the ball around, the Browns scored three offensive TDs and won by 21. If the Browns have an offensive spike vs. Jacksonville, it will lend momentum to the idea that the Browns are a more balanced offensive team without Winslow.

This much is known about K2: He's a gamer, he fights for yards and he plays hurt. But he's also a lousy blocker and has to be among the team leaders in receptions to earn his paycheck. He's tough, but he's very one-dimensional in that sense. If the Browns give K2 a fat pay raise, they're basically paying for a possession receiver masking as a tight end.


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