Sunday, May 29, 2005

Pre-Memorial Day Musings
The Cavs have a coach ... I think. It seems somewhat backwards to me to hire the coach, then the general manager. It only leads me to the conclusion that Dan Gilbert will be the definition of "activist owner."
That's not to say that Mike Brown is a bad choice. He's experienced and ready. But Gilbert had better know something we don't. Like, say, who the GM might be.
The Indians not playing on Memorial Day is like them not playing on July 4 last season. There is plenty of reason to believe that the monkees running professional baseball have no sense of history, no sense of perspective, and no long term thinking.
But Memorial Day is a day to honor the past, to honor those who sacrificed for our freedoms.
On the lighter side, it's a day for cookouts, friends, family and, oh yes ... BASEBALL.
Baseball, apple pie and Chevrolet. It's a day for baseball. And yet, my team is off, like the rest of the country. It seems wrong to me.
But baseball is clueless, as usual.

Vitamin Z's Magnificent 7: Favorite Patriotic songs
1. God Bless America
2. Star Spangled Banner
3. Born in the USA
4. Philadelphia Freedom
5. The City of New Orleans
6. Pink Houses
7. God Bless the USA
* Yes, the meaning of some of the songs on this list are not lost on me. Still Bruce's song will always remind me of certain things, the same things that make me proud to be American. I have no idea if that would make him happy. But it's how I feel.


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