Monday, May 23, 2005

The finale for 24 was the worst episode of the season, and perhaps, the worst of the series. So, to the world, Jack Bauer is dead. Except, I have a few questions ...
A)Is anyone going to tell Kim?
B) Is anyone going to check to see if Keeler will survive?
C)Was Tony able to kick his alcoholism is less than a day?
D)If you were going to drop Jack off, wouldn't you drive further than just a block and a half (about as far as they could drive in the allotted time)?
E)Does Michelle Dessler have ANY facial expressions?
F)How on earth is Audrey going to deal with all of this?
G) Will someone please knock the smirk off Logan's face?

Basically, the last 30 minutes seemed tacked on, in a rushed, ridiculous attempt to set up next season. It would have made a lot more sense to have Jack in prison, since that would set up an interesting opening next year.
This year was pretty good, but the last hour made the season only my second favorite, behind the incomparable first season.
I almost felt like the season wrapped up, only to see there were 30 minutes left.
Plus, the destruction of the missile was anti-climatic, Marwan's demise was, well, it wasn't exactly Dennis Hopper.
Basically, the episode just irritated me, more than anything else, and left a bad taste in my mouth after what had been an exciting season.


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