Saturday, May 21, 2005

Hitch, Part II
It would be an outright lie if I said I had a favorite writer,and then gave any other name than Christopher Hitchens to finish the thought. Yes, the man who, a week after the death of Ronald Reagan referred to him as a "lizard" is now my favorite writer.
I became interested in him, however, after he wrote the most complete rebuttal of "Farenheit 9-11".
It's not just his neo-conesque politics that interest me though. Lord knows I enjoy Gore Vidal's books, but couldn't disagree more with his politics.
Hitchens attacks an issue fearlessly, writing in an effortless style that is often controversial, but always interesting.
In his latest work (which can be accessed under the "columnists" section) Hitchens looks at George Galloway, the British MP who allegedly profited in the Oil-for-Food scandal. Hitchens writes about the man, destroys his arguments and looks at his rather frightening past. There are too many lines and striking paragraphs to quote here, so I'll just post the link.
Hitchens also has a book coming out about Thomas Jefferson, which I will order very soon. I will also be sure to send one to a former collegue, who knows who he is.


At 6:08 AM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Jefferson!!!! Why not Burr???????

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