Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Indians game
This was my first one of the year, and it was pretty great. Ben Broussard's homer off Joe Nathan in the ninth made me think that the deal to get him was one of Mark Shapiro's best. (Russell Branyan is with the Brewers, but does anyone in Cleveland miss him?)
It was a different atmosphere than I was used to. The bleachers section appeared populated with young adults, cashing in on the $6 tickets. The attendance overall (just over 15,000) wasn't terrific, but the whole night was reminicent of the old stadium (in a good way) with fans going because they wanted to see the game and not because it was the "place to be". Credit should go to the tribe for the $6 promotion, which is a great way for regular, non club seat fans to enjoy pro sports again. Going to see the Indians tonight was cheaper than a movie, with a much better conclusion.
For once, I was able to drop my snide, sportswriter exterior (for the most part) and enjoy the game like I was 15 again. Plus, they won.
It reminded me why I love baseball.


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