Sunday, May 29, 2005

Sweep out the A's(hes)
The Indians swept the A's today with a 6-2 victory.
That's the good news.
The bad news is that the team is heading out on the road trip of all road trips. It starts in Minnesota Tuesday.
The good news is that Ronnie Belliard is on fire, Jody Gerut and Grady Sizemore are performing better than expected, and the starting pitching has been solid.
The bad news is that Aaron Boone is making Indians fans long for the days of Jeff Manto, Casey Blake is playing like Casey Blake played before 2003, and Bob Wickman is banged up.
The good news is that the Indians were 5-2 on the homestand.
The bad news is that all they did was beat Oakland, a team so bad its Elephant mascot is emberassed to be associated with them.
The good news is that the offense, as a hole, is responding.
The bad news is that Eric Wedge still looks like a porn star.


At 7:14 AM , Anonymous Erik said...

The good news is that Juan Gonzalez is supposed to be back for Tuesday's game in Minnesota.
The bad new is that Ryan Ludwick has probably played his last game as an Indian because of it.
The worse news is that once Gonzalez yanks his hammie again and goes back to the DL, suddenly Ernie Young is the fourth outfielder unitl Coco Crisp comes back.

At 2:24 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

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