Thursday, April 08, 2010

Sometimes TV shows remind you of moments in your life. Tonight's Bones was a very good episode, especially for the last five minutes, when Booth finally told Brennan how he felt. He even kissed her.

The show often runs hot and cold for me, but tonight's show was big, because it reminded me of a time in my life when I should have taken a chance. There were plenty of reasons not to, just as there were plenty of reasons for Brennan to say no when Booth told her he wanted to date her.

But in the end, Brennan's logic won out. In my situation, logic won out as well. I didn't take the chance.

In TV, the scripts get written, the characters placed together. Booth and Brennan will be together eventually, if only because Sweeps will dictate it.

In real life, there is usually one moment, one chance to get it right. Sometimes asking for a girl's number blows up, because once a line is crossed, you can never go back.

But if you never step outside of what you perceive to be safe, you'll be left with questions, which in some ways are worse than the initial frustration of something failing.

Just to soften this up a little bit, let's go realistic with other TV shows:

The Office: Pam lets Jim leave after denying him after the kiss at the end of season 2. Jim goes on to another girl and never, ever returns to Scranton. This would have meant Jim and Pam never would have gotten together, which would have meant I'd still be watching The Office today instead of avoiding it because I can't take another "Jim and Pam are the love of the century" subplot.

Saved By The Bell: Slater refuses to ever speak to Kelly after she picks Zack for the prom. But Slater does resurface to rough up Jeff's pretty face after Zack recruits him to beat up Jeff as revenge after Kelly breaks up with him. Meanwhile, Jessie and Kelly stop talking after Jessie goes out with Slater. And Lisa finally files a restraining order on Screech.

Friends: Rachel decides she's way too attractive for Ross. Ross goes on to be boring in new and unexciting ways.

Cheers : Speaking of boring, Sam decides to fire Diane, sell the bar and become an angry doctor on a show that only gets good ratings because it's after Raymond.

Chuck: In real life, Casey'd have killed Chuck after the second episode.

Bones: After Bones broke his heart, Booth would have realized the error of his ways and gone back to ask out Buffy.



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