Tuesday, April 06, 2010

After the pilot episode, I was hooked on V. I've never been a huge fan of sci-fi, but the performances and the characters in the ABC series got me into it.

The first four episodes were excellent, but then the show went off the air for five months.

Since the return, I've come to a few conclusions about the show:

1. After six episodes, I really think David Richmond-Peck's performance as the desperate and unstable Georgie to be the best of the series. Richmond-Peck isn't even listed as a main actor on the show's Wikipedia page, and after tonight, I'm not certain Georgie will live to see the eighth episode. Too bad.

2. Father Jack and Erika have a romantic tension that in some episodes is obvious, and in others not even hinted at. I think Joel Gretsch is very good in this role, much better than he was a villain in Burn Notice. Then again, I saw V before I saw that episode, so that's probably why I didn't like that turn. Elizabeth Mitchell has outstanding facial expressions, and the appearance of Erika's ex should provide some interesting moments with Jack. Of course, Jack being a priest would complicate any romance. But it's TV, so who cares.

3. I've met many people in my line of work who remind me of Chad Decker (Scott Wolf). When I heard the Party of Five actor was in this series, I was less than excited. But Wolf has performed his role with gusto, and it has worked. The problem of balancing your integrity with a big break is a real battle in the news-industry.

4. Some have seen some connections between the character of Anna (Morena Baccarin) and President Barack Obama. They were way more noticable in the first two episodes, and I believe there was an intention early on to satire him. Of course, I would argue than Anna has proved WAY more competent than the president, but that may just be the right-winger in me talking. And joking, of course.

5. My brother made this point to me, and I think he's right on. The character of Tyler is very much like Kim Bauer in the early seasons of 24. I see the value and importance of Tyler's (Logan Huffman's) character, but I don't care much about him.

6. Morris Chestnut represents one of the main differences between this series and the original 1983 show, and it's an important difference. In the old versions, the aliens came to earth at once, and their voices made them easy to detect. In this version, V's gradually snuck into the world, posing as humans. In this series, aren't able to tell who is a V and who is not. Chestnut's Ryan is key to this, because he, more than any other character, represents prospects for a final peace in the show. He's been very good.

V has surpassed Chuck as my favorite show. Maybe that's because I feel Chuck is destined to be canceled. Ah well, it's been a good run.

But if V gets axed, I'm down to Castle.



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