Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Weird day in my hometown
So Eric Wedge has been fired, and Brady Quinn has been demoted. Well, actually, Wedge's firing isn't really a firing, in the sense that he has to GO AWAY for it to mean anything, and he's still going to manage for six games.

Wedge should have been fired three months ago. Maybe the Indians wouldn't have turned into the Rockies (Jim Tracy has made them playoff caliber after taking over for Clint Hurdle), but it's hard to see how they'd be any worse.

Wedge will land somewhere, learn from his mistakes and probably manage again. The Indians are another story. If it's true that the Indians are interested in John Farrell, it only confirms the belief that the team is uncomfortable with a different voice. Farrell was in the organization for years before bolting for Boston.

I think a new man (perhaps who has managed before, and is maybe foreign to the Indians' organization of the past 10 years) would be best. Anything else is just a new name.

As for the Browns, they'll lose no matter who quarterbacks. It's best if Brady just bolts and doesn't look back. He'll be better off away from this mess. The Browns won't be better until Mangini is gone and the team hires actual football people to do football jobs.

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