Sunday, September 20, 2009

No sympathy for Bradley, or the Cubs
Milton Bradley has had problems with just about every team he has ever played for. A man of immense physical talent, and according to many, a good, if complicated, soul, Bradley appears to be on the outs with his current team, the Chicago Cubs.

I don't know what drives Bradley's anger. I do know that he was suspended by the Cubs for the remainder of the season after making critical comments about the organization. What's worse, his teammates appear to back GM Jim Hendry's decision.

Indians fans will remember Bradley for having a dispute with Indians' manager Eric Wedge and leaving an exhibition game in a cab. As everyone knows, I'm often critical of Wedge, but he did the right thing in demanding Bradley be sent packing.

Since then Bradley has been to Los Angeles, Oakland, San Diego (where he had a blowup with an umpire where he became so angry he injured himself) and Texas. He had an all-star campaign last year with the Rangers, hitting 22 homers and driving in 77 runs.

But given his history, most were suprised when the Cubs gave him a 3-year, $30 million contract this winter.

Bradley has always had issues. It was just a matter of time before they resurfaced. I don't feel sorry for Bradley, whose career likely faces another start with another team.

But the Cubs had to know what they were getting. That $30 million could have gone elsewhere and perhaps secured a player with less talent, but more stability.

I sound like Wedge.



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