Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Week 2's three up, three down
New feature from Phil and I.

Phil's ups:
1. 49ers
Already 2-0 with both wins coming in their division.

2. Jets.
Mark Sanchez is proving his week 1 performance was no fluke

3. Saints
Drew Brees is putting up video game stats so far.

Zach's ups
1. Giants
Two wins in one of football's toughest divisions.

2. Ravens: An early Super Bowl favorite looked strong in 100 degree heat Sunday.

3. Bears: Almost a must win, and delivered it against Super Bowl champs.


Phil's downs

1. Titans
Last year's 10-0 seems like a long time ago.

2. Browns
Cleveland knew this would be a rebuilding year, but the fans still have to wonder if this is it.

3. Patriots
Did their Super Bowl window finally close after the 2007 season?

Zach's downs
1. Packers
Bengals are certainly better than people think, but Green Bay gave this game away when it allowed a third-and-34 conversion in the second quarter. Without that (and the TD that followed), Packers are 2-0.

2. Browns
Might be the worst showing after two games I have ever seen from my favorite team. In 1999 they at least showed life in week 2.

3. Buccaneers
Good thing they fired Jon Gruden.



At 10:10 AM , Blogger NIhar said...

It should be Phil and me. And you call yourself a journalist.


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