Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Why does Wedge keep talking like he's coming back?
Eric Wedge has to be fired. Has to be. The team was miserable this year, and has lost eight in a row. Safe to say, what veterans are left on this squad are mentally playing golf in Florida right now. Well, except for Travis Hafner. His shoulder wouldn't allow him to get through three holes.

No, the 2009 distaster, like the 2008 and 2006 disasters before it, is not all Wedge's fault.

Seven years. Two winning seasons. One playoff appearance.

I know he'll probably end up in Houston and lead the Astros to eight World Series titles. But it won't happen here.

He should be fired. And he will be. Right?

Quote from Monday's ABJ, talking about Matt LaPorta playing first base next year:

''It depends on what or if we do something in the offseason,'' (Wedge) said Sunday. ''What I like is that he has the rest of this season and all spring, so he'll be prepared for it.''

What does he mean by "we?"

Thing is, I can see him being back, because the Dolans are willing to buy any sales pitch GM Mark Shapiro throws. And you know Shapiro wants to keep his bff (I feel so dirty using that) on.

Cleveland: Where failure is not only tolerated, but appreciated and extended. Just ask Randy Lerner.



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