Monday, March 02, 2009

10 things I think
1. The Indians ought to release David Dellucci. He never plays, and when he does, it's a trainwreck.

2. The Cavaliers are just ridiculous. LeBron James scores 42 points, Mo Williams scores 30, and the team goes 3-1 on the road trip.

3. I agree with Michael Steele. Rush Limbaugh IS an entertainer. He should not have apologized.

4. The Reds probably won't compete in the NL Central They've had the gear stuck on "mediocre" for more than a decade.

5. I'm still not sure how Jimmy Fallon got Van Morrison to do his show, but I'm glad he did.

6. My early feelings on the new Browns regime are not positive.

7. I'm starting to think Randy Lerner only changes coaches to cover for his own incompetence as a football executive.

8. I think the Indians will go about .500.

9. I also picked the Indians to win the World Series in '05. Just saying.

10. More people should DVR Chuck. It's an actual funny show on NBC not named the Office.

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