Friday, February 27, 2009

Rogers wants out
So great. One month into the Eric Mangini tenure and the Browns best defensive player from last season wants to be released.

I don't care who's right or wrong. Many of the fans commenting on this article seem to be taking the Browns' side, which I don't get.

Great NFL players act like Prima Donnas. Or at least, most do. Every four years a new coach comes into Cleveland and tries to lay down the law. And what happens? Four mediocre seasons and it starts over again.

I don't care if Shaun Rogers is being a jerk. He's a great player. The Browns do not have many.

Memo to Mangini: fix it.



At 11:14 AM , Anonymous Erik said...

Rogers is not a great player. Rogers is a player who had a great season. He has three Pro Bowls to his credit, but he's also known for being lazy about conditioning and having maturity issues." Rogers is inconsistent if nothing else.

I figure the Browns got their one good season out of Rogers. Even without all the off-field histrionics, it wouldn't shock me at all to see Rogers regress next season if he stays here.

Last year, he thought he was getting out of purgatory with the Lions and joining an up-and-coming contender in Cleveland, so he was really motivated. Now, with the new, less player-friendly regime coming to town, the Detroit Shaun Rogers is showing back up.

K2 is gone now, and I'm starting to think that maybe Mangini and Kokinis just need to blow this thing up and start over. Generally, it's hard for a new regime to win with the old regime's players, especially when the old regime ran a country club and the new regime is planning to run a boot camp.


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