Wednesday, December 10, 2008

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I'm wondering why anyone would want the Browns coaching job. Romeo Crennel has not been a great coach this year, but he deserves better than to have to be asked about his team's pursuit of Marty Schottenheimer because the higher-ups in the organization can't keep their mouths shut.

The Cavaliers will win the NBA title this season. Just a hunch.

The Indians improved their chances of winning a title this year by not matching the Dodgers offer of three years and $17.5 million to Casey Blake. OK, that's not true. They improved their chances next year and the year after.

Kerry Wood is a risk worth taking for the Indians.

Next up: The Indians need to decide if Jhonny Peralta is next year's third baseman, and if Josh Barfield is the second baseman. If Barfield is, he needs to be treated as such, and not played two days a week with the rest of the starts going to Jamey Carroll.

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At 7:29 AM , Anonymous Erik said...

Still would like to see Trevor Hoffman in a Tribe uni, even with Wood in the fold. But that's probably not going to happen now. They need to spread the remaining cash between an infielder/power bat and a starting pitcher.

Hang onto Adrian Beltre's name. I have a feeling the Indians might make a play for him.


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