Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Andy Barch Interview

1. Right now, who is the best team in the NFL -- Giants or Titans?

AB: It's hard to argue with a team that is unbeaten, simply because they've beaten teams in different ways. We know they can plow you with their running game, but in recent weeks, Kerry Collins has proven he can beat teams with his arm, and that team plays GREAT team defense. The Giants are an extremely close second, but right now, I'd say the best team is the team that hasn't lost yet, and hasn't had any lapses on the road.

2. Everyone loves Jim Zorn. But what happens if the Redskins miss the playoffs?

AB: Nothing happens to Jim Zorn or the Redskins if they miss the playoffs. He brought a new system into the nation's capital, and after just a few weeks they picked it up rather easily. For a guy that was never even a coordinator, he's done a great job in one of the toughest divisions in football (if not the toughest). On defense, they have lost a lot of key players in key games, yet they've remained competitive and strong. It cant be viewed as a disappointment with this team if they don't make the playoffs a year after they didnt make it, and also lost a Hall of Fame head coach. They also have a great stong safety in rookie Chris Horton, who is very quietly putting together a nice season, and he may be named the defensive rookie of the year if he keeps it up.

3. Should people be afraid of the Panthers?
AB: Absolutely. Jake Delhomme hasn't had the greatest stretch the last few weeks, but he hasn't had to because their running game has taken over. I think Delhomme will turn it on when he has to. They've got a good set of receivers, a great offensive line, which has paved the way for a great running game, and their defense has been up to the task this season. Even if they don't win the division, they'll be a real tough matchup for someone in the first round of the playoffs. This team is almost as good as the Super Bowl team they had a few years ago. If they can continue to run the ball with that two-headed monster, look out.

4. Who is smarter now : The Jets for getting Brett Favre or the Packers for getting rid of him?

AB: In the short term, the Jets because they have a Hall of Fame QB that has re-energized that offense and he has them at the top of the division. In the long term, the Packers because next season they wont have to answer the "will he or wont he" retirement questions and they have a great quarterback locked up for a lot of years. If they had stuck with Favre, they probably would have lost Aaron Rodgers after this season, and then they'd have all kinds of questions at that position. Few people want to talk about them, but in reality, they're in first place in the NFC North, and he's been a BIG reason for their success. In two years, this question becomes very easy because the Packers will be in a much better situation with their quarterback.

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