Thursday, July 01, 2010

Hitchens has cancer
There are some people who I don't agree with, but I love their writing. Roger Ebert, on the occasion that he drifts into political discussion, falls into this category.

I first started reading Christopher Hitchens in 2004. I have read three of his books, countless articles, and tried to watch everytime he's on TV.

A heavy smoker for years, Hitch has been diagnosed with throat cancer. Usually in intances like this, I send thoughts and prayers. In Hitchens' case, I send only my thoughts, as I imagine the world's most famous "anti-thiest" would probably debate, if not protest, calls to God.

I had hoped to interview Hitchens someday, though I imagine that interview would come off poorly. I'm simply not in the league of Hitchens on issues, and I believe he'd let me know it.

But I hope Hitchens beats this, for him and for selfish reasons. I hate the idea of this remarkably clear voice ever being silenced or not producing.

For his family and loved ones, and of course for the man himself, I wish a speedy recovery.



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