Saturday, May 22, 2010

Interleague Play
Can we end this farce already?

Is there anyone who wanted to see the Rays and Astros play? Is there anyone who cares when the Brewers play the Twins? The Brewers were an American League team a decade ago.

Baseball has always worked hard to find what made it special and destroy it. Playoffs to dillute the regular season? Check. Stupid rules attached to All-Star games? Check. Steroids allowed to run wild and destroy cherished records? Check.

The World Series was special. The All Star Game was special. Interleague play has hurt those things.

Time to do away with it.



At 8:02 AM , Anonymous Erik said...

What they really need to get rid of is the unbalanced schedule. At least interleague play exposes a non-contending team with no hope of reaching the World Series anytime in this geologic era (like the Indians) to some new competition.

The unbalanced schedule is what makes the season monotonous. I don't need to see the Tigers, White Sox, Royals and Twins for the balance of one month each.

The unbalanced schedule was created for one reason: So the Yankees could play the Red Sox as often as possible, allowing MLB an extra 14 or 15 national TV dates featuring baseball's marquee matchup.

Everyone else has to play along so that the system seems "fair." Which is why, if you turn on STO tonight, you'll see the Indians play the White Sox for the 783rd time this season.

I don't care to see Paul Konerko and Gordon Beckham that much.


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