Sunday, May 16, 2010

This is the last thing I'll write about LeBron James in this space until he signs.

Just some points:

1. LeBron owes Cleveland and the Cavaliers nothing. He saved the franchise, and gave the city a winning team, which it would not have had otherwise.

2. That said, the Cavaliers' organization has catered to LeBron's every whim. They overspent on veterans, made big-time trades, and signed anyone they thought could help win a title.

3. The reason the fans booed at the end of Game 5 against the Celtics was because LeBron made it that way. He didn't pledge loyalty, has almost flirted with other teams, and said nothing about his future. Cavalier fans became desperate, believing this year to perhaps be their last chance at a title. Not just with the Cavs, but ever. And then LeBron, the MVP, finishes the season with back to back bad games on his home court. It was frustration, plain and simple. Any city, any fanbase, would have done the same.

4. Do I believe LeBron will sign elsewhere? Yes. I wasn't sure until the series with Boston, where he honestly looked like a different player. I will never be angry or frustrated with LeBron, because he saved the franchise. But he also became the franchise. Without LeBron, the Cavs are useless. They may never recover.

5. So starts the courting. Wake me up in July.



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