Thursday, June 24, 2010

10 things about the Reds
1. Maybe the Scott Rolen trade wasn't such a bad idea, after all.

2. Dusty Baker deserves an extension. Now.

3. When Coco Cordero comes in, I feel like I have walked into a maze. I have no idea what's next, and all rational thought leaves.

4. The Reds need to take at least two of three from the Indians this weekend. The Indians have hit bottom, but they might take a game before losing five in a row. Any more than that and it's time to start worrying about a collapse again.

5. Joey Votto and Brandon Phillips are special players, and that's what makes you think the Reds could still be in the race a month from now.

6. The bullpen still is a huge, huge question mark, as is the rotation. You never know what Aaron Harang will do, and Mike Leake is going to be interesting to watch once teams get a second look at him.

7. I don't see Cincinnati adding a stud pitcher or hitter. More likely, it will look for depth, like it did with Gary Matthews.

8. Jeff Brantley is turning into a heck of a commentator.

9. Can you imagine where the Reds would be without Ramon Hernandez right now? Lots of people questioned re-signing him, but he's a clear leader, and has come up with some huge hits.

10. I don't think anyone has any idea where this season is going.



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