Wednesday, June 23, 2010

10 things about the Indians
1. My guess is that the Indians will lose more than 100 games this season.

2. None of this, in my mind, is the fault of Manny Acta or his staff. He was given a horrible team, and so he churns out horrible results.

3. Travis Hafner, Jake Westbrook and Kerry Wood make up more than third of the Indians payroll. Westbrook couldn't get to the sixth, Wood blew a save, and Hafner is un-startable in National League parks like Philadelphia because he's unable to play the field. Tells you a lot about the franchise right now.

4. I think the Joe Smith-Luis Valbuena for Franklin Gutierrez deal is one of Mark Shapiro's worst.

5. Casey Blake for Carlos Santana? Maybe one of the best. Santana looks like a player. I mean, like batting title good.

6. The Toronto Blue Jays just designated Edwin Encarnacion for assignment. Hmmm. A bad defending third baseman who once had high expectations but has been deemed so inconsequential that his team just figured they'd be better off without him. Reminds me of Jhonny Peralta.

7. Fausto Carmona is under the Indians control for a few more years. No way do you trade him.

8. Wood has proven to be not just a waste of money, but also of innings. It's getting to the point where he may be better off as a setup guy. Five of eight saves isn't a way to make other teams interested.

9. Mitch Talbot, Shin-Soo Choo, Fausto Carmona and Carlos Santana have been good. Chris Perez might be too. Other than that, I am struggling to find mere decency.

10. Rafael Perez looks a lot like a lost cause.



At 10:48 AM , Anonymous Erik said...

1. I think Wood needs to try his hand at starting again. He still throws hard, but he has trouble throwing strikes, and he doesn't deal well with ninth-inniing pressure.

Even if he is a six-and-done starter at this point, Wood might need to go back to someone's rotation next year, where there is more margin for error.

2. Conversely, Justin Masterson has a future in the bullpen, if he can consistently get lefties out. I like the idea of having a possible closer with a funky delivery and a mid-90s sinker.

3. The Indians can keep Austin Kearns, try to find a starting CF of the future between Trevor Crowe and Michael Brantley, and move Grady Sizemore in a trade this winter. Carlos Santana will be the face of the franchise by this time next year.

Sizemore's time with the Indians appears to be doomed to come to anticlimactic end due to injuries and strikeouts.

4. Santana, Choo and a healthy Asdrubal Cabrera would give me hope that this team still has a pulse. Those three guys could form part of the nucleus of a winner. If Kearns can stay healthy, he's that type of player as well.

It's just what to do with Hafner, Peralta, and the dead spots on the right side of the infield.


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