Sunday, May 09, 2010

Quick thoughts on the Cavaliers
Cleveland showed Friday night that it is, in fact, better than Boston. Boston didn't actually play badly the last three quarters, and the Cavaliers' lead kept growing.

So is the series over? Put it this way: I said at the beginning of the series that I expected the Cavaliers to win it in six games. I'm not changing my pick. I still expect Boston to win one more game. It most likely will be Sunday (only because whoever has the momentum in this series has abandoned it soon after getting it), but it could be whenever Game 5 is.

But I think LeBron James won't let the Cavs get into too much trouble. Since Cleveland got into the playoffs again in 2006, it has only lost more than one home game in a series once -- in the NBA Finals to the Spurs.

Now, if Cleveland does lose Sunday, I will want to write about how horrible it is and how the team is cursed and blah, blah, blah.

Hopefully I'll show the restraint I did after the last loss. No promises, though.



At 5:52 AM , Anonymous Erik said...

I picked Cavs in 7, and that still seems like the most likely outcome. I think the home team wins the remaining three games.

The Cavs should be able to do enough to scrape past the Celtics, but the bigger issue is, what happens in the next round against Orlando? The Magic have been playing out of their minds for well over a month. They're a scary team to face because no lead is too big for them to overcome, thanks to their outside shooting.

If the Cavs playing this snooze-button basketball against Orlando, the Magic will dispose of them very nearly as quickly as they did the Bobcats and will soon do to the Hawks.

People keep railing on Mike Brown, but I say it's a LeBron issue as much as anything. The team feeds off his energy/aggression level, and LeBron simply doesn't try very hard sometimes.


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