Saturday, May 01, 2010

10 random thoughts
1. I watched the Kentucky Derby... it's the only horse racing I'll watch this year.

2. I had no idea which horse was which, didn't have any money on the winner, and was still entertained.

3. V still is my favorite show on TV. Too bad the ratings are bad and cancellation appears a star landing away.

4. If Coke Zero really tastes like Coke, what would be the point of Coke?

5. Why do I imagine Mark Shapiro thinking: "How may single A prospects can I get for Austin Kearns in July?"

6. The Reds are getting decent starting pitching. I still don't think they can win playing 81 games in that band box of theirs.

7. Mark Lewis was a bad draft pick.

8. LeBron James has no reason to ever leave Cleveland. Doesn't mean he won't.

9. Vin Scully is still one of the top 5 broadcasters in baseball.

10. My totally unresearched pick of the Browns 2010 record: 6-10.



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