Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Through round one
Here's what I'm thinking right now:

I remember the last time Chicago came to Cleveland for a Game 5. I remember the shot. I remember the red and black uniforms.

I also remember it was the first round.

But more than that, the Cavaliers had a really good team in the late 1980s and early '90s. But Michael Jordan and the Bulls always stood in the way.

Well, now the roles are somewhat reversed. It feels good to be a fan of the other side now.



At 6:38 AM , Anonymous Erik said...

I think that down the road in the playoffs, the Cavs are going to realize that the Bulls did them a favor by working them so hard, even if the series only lasted five games.

Facing Toronto would have been a repeat of facing Detroit in last year's first round. Drawing a dead-and-buried team is no way to prepare for facing a team like Boston or Orlando.

I know Chicago fans desperately want Wade or LeBron in free agency this summer. I can't blame them. But I wonder if having a superstar crutch might corrupt the Bulls' work ethic.

The only way the Bulls can compete is to work harder than the other team, play with more energy. They're really good at that. It's how they led the league in rebounding with no Dwight Howard-type presence in the middle.

If they land a superstar, they might lose that edge. I don't think they will, but it's something to think about if you're a Chicago fan.

The Cavs are an example of what the Bulls could become with a superstar. There is no denying that the Cavs tend to coast and lose focus at times. It cost them one game in this series, and it could have cost them at least two others. It's a product of having a crutch like LeBron on the roster, and having more overall talent than most teams.


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