Sunday, April 11, 2010

No one will be able to convince me that Phil Mickelson had it easier than Tiger Woods this weekend, or any weekend in the past year.

While Woods was dealing with sexual addiction and not playing because he didn't want to, Mickelson's family has its own problems.

Mickelson's wife is battling breast cancer. So is his mother. Every day has to have been a challenge for his family, and they likely will continue to be for some time.

Mickelson was at his best today, taking a lead about midway through Sunday's round, then making some brilliant shots and holding on for his third green jacket.

With the win, Mickelson has established himself as one of the greats of this generation. Like John Elway, Mickelson had to fight the label of never winning the big one for years, only to finally be rewarded.

I imagine Mickelson would trade all his jackets for his wife to be healthy. In the context of life and family, golf titles probably don't rate high to him right now.

Still, Mickelson is playing the best golf of his life during what has to be his most trying time. When I watched today, all I could imagine was that every golfer out on the course had a story, a pain, a stress. Everyone has some issue. But it seemed all some wanted to talk about was Tiger.

Tiger did play really well. But I fail to see why that surprised anyone. He's been the best golfer in the world for 12 years. Even with his personal issues, he wasn't going to forget how to golf.

He probably will win many big events before his career ends. On this day, though, it was Mickelson who triumphed under adversity.



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