Tuesday, April 13, 2010

John May Lives, Georgie dies, and I hate being right sometimes
Talking about V to people who don't watch it is difficult. The draw of this show, for me, is not the story of spaceships and aliens, but the characters and the performances that drive them.

A week ago, I wrote that I thought that Georgie (played brilliantly by David Richmond-Peck) would die and die soon. It disappointed me, because I thought his character was the most interesting.

But Georgie's sendoff was outstanding, as he essentially gives his life to protect the resistance movement. When he asks for Father Jack, and tells Ryan it's over, it was a powerful scene.

So where does V go now?

Erika's son now has turned on her for not telling him his father may not be his father. If this meansI won't have to watch scenes with Tyler anymore, well, it's a tradeoff I'm willing to make. Nothing against Logan Huffman's perfomance; I just don't care for Tyler's character.

-Val (Lourdes Benedicto) is challenging Elizabeth Mitchell for the Queen of the Facial Expressions. She found out that Ryan was not who he said he was. Whether she knows he's a V isn't clear yet. But she does know something's up with her pregnancy, so, well, the plot thickens there.

-No real Jack (Joel Gretsch)-and-Erika moments this week, aside from her confiding in him about the Tyler-thing. Not too much for Jack to do this week -- I think he was in the room with Ryan (Morris Chestnut) talking to John May's son, that they just wanted to make sure they gave him something else to do since he wasn't forgotten about completely.

-With Georgie gone, the top performance might go to Charles Mesure as Kyle Hobbes. Pretty cool mercenary.

Too much stuff going on to list it all. But I think this was the biggest example of a show I just didn't want to end.



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