Monday, March 15, 2010

Indians thoughts
Surprising enough as it is, I am being sucked in again by the allure of baseball. Games every night, warmer weather and longer days always provide me with optimism.

The Indians have always been my No. 1 team, but the last two years have been like getting kicked in the stomach. Not only did the Indians follow up a mediocre 2008 with a horrible 2009, they also traded everything they didn't have control of for more than two years.

This is just rehashing, I know. The Indians have a new manager, new coaching staff, new lineup and a new... eh, who knows.

Russ Branyan is back with the Indians for the 24th time. He hit 32 homers last year in Seattle, but his back has kept him out of Spring Training games thus far. It'd be disappointing until you realize that Branyan's well-known back problems are why the Indians were able to sign him in the first place.

But baseball is baseball. Bring on April.



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