Monday, February 01, 2010

Pro Bowl
They moved it up two weeks. They put it in the continental United States. They insisted players who are involved in next week's Super Bowl at least show up.

And you know what? The Pro Bowl was still a gigantic, boring waste of time.

The score was close, but the game was boring. The truth is, you can't make this game exciting. No one wants to go all out, and no one can blame them. Football is dangerous enough to add a meaningless game. At least in the preseason, guys are playing for spots.

My advice? Have a Pro Bowl roster, but no game. Put on the AFL documentary instead.



At 2:48 PM , Blogger Mike said...

What they should do is have a skills competition for all the positions sorta like the NBA weekend, and also have no game.

I'd love to watch a competition where the quarterbacks try to throw balls through a tire 50 yards away and linebackers run around an obstacle course. They used to do stuff like that years ago and I loved it.

At 11:58 AM , Blogger Vince said...

That was a great documentary. I just watched it on the NFL Network


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